Aggregated: Henry Hatsworth’s outrageous bosses revealed

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The latest screens and info of the bizarre, wonderful Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure illustrate some of the interaction between the platforming on the top screen and the block puzzle game on the bottom. The newly-revealed “outrageous world-ending bosses” all have the ability to manipulate the puzzle screen in some way, making it harder for players to use puzzle pieces to power Henry up.


Its Not His Birthday!

It's Not His Birthday!

“Lady D” here sends spores down into the bottom screen that sprout vines and fix your blocks in place. Barrel-chested Lance Banson puts music-note blocks in the bottom screen that do … something (MTV Multiplayer was under embargo related to some gameplay details). The third boss — well, we don’t know what he does with the puzzles, but he’s an old guy in a wheelchair who is used as a melee weapon by his giant caretaker, which means he’s worth mentioning

Henry Hatsworth joins the comically overcrowded DS lineup inMarch!


Aggregated: Atlus officially announces Steal Princess

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The ESRB totally ruined the surprise of Atlus’s North American release of Steal Princess, but the company has cleverly announced several more games since then in an effort to make us temporarily forget about Steal Princess. It worked — we were surprised again yesterday when they sent the press release out!

Steal Princess is a “puzzle platformer” developed by Climax, about a thief who is captured in an ancient palace and is forced to rescue a prince or be tried as a criminal. The palace is a labyrinth of more than 150 levels full of traps, platforming challenges, and, of course, demons. The game also features a level editor with online sharing!

Steal Princess is set for release on March 24, for $34.99. We won’t even be done with all our Atlus games from February by then!

Aggregated: Pole’s Big Adventure: Sega’s countdown to reveal 8-bit WiiWare title

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Sega’s mysterious countdown still has about two days to go, but Japanese mag Famitsu has already spilled the beans on what the publisher is planning to reveal. Pole’s Big Adventure is a satire of the 8-bit platforming era, developed by Phantasy Star Universe producer Takao Miyoshi. According to IGN, there willl be over 100 hidden gags in the game. For example, eat enough mushroom powerups and your character will grow beyond the size of the screen.

No word on a stateside release yet, but it’s set to debut in Japan on February 3rd for 500 Wii points. Oh, and feel free to visit the countdown if you’re bored. The mushroom now makes noises. Awesome!

Aggregated: Two Tribes Touts Trial of Toki Tori Toys

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This probably isn’t the Toki Tori-related news at which Two Tribes hinted last week, but it’s totally great for people who love a) Toki Tori, b) cuuuuuuute stuff, or any combination of the two. The developers have apparently desired the ability to produce toys of their WiiWare game’s title character, but have been unable to do so due to prohibitive cost.

Enter Shapeways, a company that uses a 3D printer to make figurines to order. The resulting Toki Tori model is perfect, aside from a lack of paint, of course. Now, with the experiment a success, Two Tribes’ Collin van Ginkel has solicited fans’ interest in owning one of these wonderful little birds. If you dream of having your very own Toki Tori, let them know! It would be, as far as we know, the first tie-in item for a WiiWare game since Mega Man 9s E-tank beverage.

Aggregated: de Sequel

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Last year’s de Blob found a squishy, colorful place in all of our hearts and, more importantly, sold enough copies to make THQ keen on a sequel. Speaking to IGN, a representative for the publisher expressed pleasure at de Blob‘s performance worldwide, promising that we can “expect to see more of de Blobin the future.” We’ll hold you to that, THQ.

Something else of interest in IGN’s article: NPD data shows that de Blob sold 230,000 copies in North America between September 22 and the end of 2008, whereas Wario Land: Shake It! moved only 150,000 copies in the exact same period. de Blob isn’t just a third-party “core” success — it’s even outsold a rival title from Nintendo!

We Are Back – But Different!

If anyone’s still out there reading this news site, then great news – we’re back! Only, we’re not a ‘news site’ anymore in the sense that we actually report news in our own voice; we are now an aggregator and will keep this site alive by gathering platformer-game related news from other sites!

For the foreseeable future, all articles on this site will be quoted word-for-word from other gaming news sites.

When our schedules ease up, we’ll go back to reporting the news in our own voices, but until then – we’ll just search out platforming news so you don’t have to!

Thanks for sticking with us!

Going on a Hiatus

Incase you have not noticed, I have not been posting news updates within the last month. I should have made this post a long time ago but posting it late is better than never. This time of the year for me is very hectic between school and work. I am in my finals week and have been very busy. All of my free time has gone to playing games and making videos on Youtube. Yes I am now doing Youtube videos on a regular basis and find it extremely fun. I have just not had the time to browse the internet and make articles and news posts for Platformer Update like I once did. Rest assured Platformer Update is not going anywhere! I plan to be back to my regular updating routine for the site sometime in January, so stay tuned!

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