Taking reader feedback, let me know!

I would like to first thank all of the regular readers that I have on the website. The site has not even been open for 2 weeks and I already have over 600 unique viewers which I am very happy with. I do this for you guys so I really appreciate your comments and participation, no matter how minimal you may think a comment is they mean a lot to me. I have a lot of ideas for features I would like to include on this site such as reviews of new and old platformers as well as a feature that looks into platformers which you have probably never played before.

If the site gets far enough I would eventually like to get some interviews done with developers of some of the small time games out there, but of course I would have to get an established reputation before this happens. What this post is for is for you, the readers, to give me some feedback on what you like about the site or what you do not like, as well as any ideas you might have that would make the site better. Be advised that the current format of the site is pretty much in stone because to change the coding of this site requires a fee which I am not ready to pay just yet.

Would you listen to a podcast about platformer games? That’s just one of the ideas I have brewing up. Is a forum necessary? and of course I am still looking for staff to help out with contributing to the site, so leave me some comments and I will reply to anything you guys might have in mind. Thanks to all my readers, don’t forget this is only the start of Platformer Update!


NiGHTS Journey of Dreams gets new price on Wii

So you put off buying NiGHTS because of Mario Galaxy you say? well Gamestop has lowered the price on this whimsical game by $20, dropping the price to a very reasonable $30. I picked this game up on release day,and it was totaly worth it. Sure its weakest point is the actual platforming levels (go figure huh?) but actually flying around is just wonderful. If you played the original on Saturn expect nothing new, just more of the same with upgraded graphics (and great music).

Everything you ever wanted to know about Mario Galaxy’s physics

Gamasutra has a great article based around everything you ever wanted to know about Mario Galaxy’s physics engine. Here’s a preview:

“Function updatePhysics()
player.playerClass = Object.playerClass( localPlayer ) planetoid.planetoidClass = Object.planetoidClass( player\planetoid ) “

Confused? well luckily they explain it all in their article, and in the end you might just look at the game a different way than you normally would.

Grab hold of ‘Mister Slime’ in the near future

Mister Slime is a unique platformer coming for DS in a few months that takes good advantage of the DS touch screen capabilities. To move around the screen you must use the dots places around the screen and have your green friend cling to them with one of his four arms to move around the level. Blowing in the microphone will also move him around mid-air as well as breathe underwater. So far it is due out on April 4th in Europe and May 20th in the US, that’s right a game that will actually be appearing in Europe before America. My guess is that this game will become a great hidden gem if the controls turn out to be fun (though I am not looking forward to blowing in the mic). Hit the jump for more pictures. Continue reading

Banjo Kazooie 3 confirmed for Xmas ’08

Rare has just confirmed that the third Banjo Kazooie game is indeed on track for a release date sometime before Christmas. According to Rare community manager George Kelion who had this to say on the NeoGAF forums:

“The game is scheduled for a Holidays 2008 release – barring the coming of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, you should be playing Banjo 3 before the end of the year (providing you buy the game that is)”

More info including mentions on character design after the jump Continue reading

Sonic Unleashed sliding onto all consoles Nov 4th?

Looking at the trailer for Sonic Unleashed clearly shows that it definitely is capable of appearing on consoles such as the PS3 and 360. Well according to EBGames Sonic Unleashed has a release date of November 4th, as well as being available on PS2, Wii, PS3, and 360. No word on how reliable or official this is, and I am sure the release date will change because EBGames has a terrible track record with accurate release dates. There is no other information on the game in their links though, as you can see with their Sonic Unleashed Wii page.

The Ultimate book for Mega Man fans has arrived

Like Mega Man? you MUST by this!

Order your copy now! (get 20% off the book with this link!)

So you call yourself a MegaMan/Rockman fan? well then this is the perfect book for you! This import book titled ‘R20 Rockman and Rockman X Official Complete Works’ was just released and contains 336 pages of over 3000 illustrations, info, and interviews from the Megaman and Megaman X series! It looks beautiful to me, and would go perfect in any platformers collection, so order now! More pictures available after the jump.

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