The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon looking to impress all audiences, looks great!

Heres a game to keep an eye on, Spyro goes through a makeover for his new adventure “The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon” coming this fall for 360, Wii, PS3, PS2, and DS. New additions to the series include a much more mature and detailed world and character designs, as well as the ability to fly at any time the player wishes. Perhaps it’s biggest gameplay element is having a second dragon along side you at all times, giving you the option to have it controlled by the AI or by a second player to solve the games puzzles, though their is a restriction on how far you and your partner can get from one another, so working together is key. Supported by a strong voice-over cast and some compelling camera work during boss battles, the Spyro series should make platformer fans take a second look at a series they might have given up on many years ago. Be sure to check out the screen shots in the gallery to get a sense of it’s style.




Some details on new Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant

I have not played a Crah Bandicoot game since his third venture on the Playstation 1. I felt the soul of the series was lost once it made the move away from it’s on-rails approach that made the game simple but yet unique in the platforming genre.

Maybe that will change in the upcoming game “Crash Bandicoot: Mind over Mutant”. It is being built with the Wii in mind first, and the graphics will be scaled up for the 360 version and scaled down for the PS2 version as well as a DS and PSP version of the game coming out at the same time. Following in the footsteps of his last adventure, Crash still has the ability to take control of or ride his defeated enemiest to gain unique powers to use against his foes. Unique to this game will be the option to have your favorite mutant power to use with you at all times, switching to it at will.

Being made for the Wii you can expect some (thankfully) optional Wii remote movement controls for things such as jumping and attacks. Probably the coolest thing about the game is that it has co-op gameplay which allows you to either fight baddies with each of you controlling one character, or you can have someone control movement and one control attacks. If you ask me the former option sounds most fun, I can only imagine frustration coming out of the second option. Hopefuly in the 360 version we will see some online co-op, though it is doubtful. Let us hope that Crash gets a proper chance to appeal back to his original fans of the original series when the game releases this October.


Get Super Paper Mario for $39.99 at Amazon

Sure you can get this for almost the same priced used at a Gamestop, but when you factor in that Amazon sells it brand new (with an option for free shipping) for $39.99 it’s hard to pass up for you bargain hunters out there.

Super Paper Mario is much more Platformer than any of the others in the series, adding in a really cool gameplay element which has you switching the view of a regular 2D platformer into a on rails 3D Platformer. Chances are if you like Mario games you already own this one, but if you don’t you definitly need to pick it up.

Also note that it is currently unknown if this will end up bring a universal price drop at all retailers as well or how long will be offering the game for $39.99. Heres the link to the game.

Earthworm Jim 4 is confirmed, Interplay and series creator to revive the series

Hot off the heels on the announcement that the first two Earthworm Jim games would be making their way to the Virtual Console, CNN posted a story on their website about how just today Interplay Entertainment Corp. signed a partnership agreement with Earthworm Jim creator Douglas TenNaple to bring back his iconic character for a fourth game in the series. Get this though, Earthworm Jim is getting an even bigger revival than ever expected, because according to TenNaple he will “serve as a creative consultant on Earthworm Jim 4, and will simultaneously develop an animated series and feature film to expand the well known brand.” Wow…. big announcements there, however it is still not certain if any of this will truly come to fruition or if its all just wishful thinking. Lets hope for the best I would love to see a reival of this series. For the link to CNN’s article Click Here.

3 Genesis platformers heading to Virtual Console, including Earthworm Jim

It has been a dry week for news, however this should cheer everyone up. Earthworm Jim, one of the most requested games for the Wii’s Virtual Console will be making it’s way onto the service later this year and it’s bringing some friends. Earthworm Jim 2 along with Boogerman will bring the total up to 3 platformers coming from Interplay. This is good news following the announcement that the Earthworm Jim series might see a revival if Interplay’s Fallout game meets a great success (which it probably will), so get your Wii points saved up for these games later this year.

Looking to integrate Reader Reviews to the main page

Something I have been meaning to get around to was a reviews section for platformer games (just trying to find the time) that way there will always be some updates for the site when the news is dry (like right now I am having a hard time locating any new news to post) so I was thinking of maybe having a “Reviews Page” where I would put a collection of reviews together categorized by Staff reviews (just me at the moment, looking for staff members still) and then reader reviews. I would even feature each reader review submitted on the main page along with links to recent submissions on a sidebar. It would be laid out like this

Normal post on site:

Post Title:
Reader Review: [Game name] by: [reader name]

Picture: [selectable by reader or I can provide you with one]

Text: [Each review should include an introductory paragraph which will be used as the post’s text where readers will then click “Read More” for the full review]

If you anyone is interested in submitting some reviews the only rules I have are that it please be for the platform genre, and please spell check them before submitting to me. You may include a maximum of 3 screen shots for the game although pictures are not required. You may use your own layout and do not have to include number scores if you do not wish to. To submit a review to me just email it to me at with a subject with something like “Platformer Update Reader Review” so I know and include any screen shots (max 3) or box art in the email as well (links are fine).


Eternity’s Child looking to take the artistic approach on WiiWare

WiiWare just keeps getting better and better. Not only do platformer fans have the unique title ‘Lost Winds’ and the puzzle platformer ”Toki Tori’ to look forward to on Nintedno Wii’s upcoming WiiWare service, but now we can look forward to ‘Eternity’s Child’ as well.

Luc Bernard is the creator of this hidden gem, which showcases a great art style unlike anything seen in console platformers yet, kinda reminds me of a high budget flash game, which is a good thing. Players control the main character ‘Angel’ with the analog stick and then also use the remote to aim a heart and with the press of a button his female friend is summoned and starts throwing objects to hit enemies wherever the cursor is pointing.

Perhaps the coolest part of the game which was recently announced is that there will be a level-editor which allows users to decide where enemies spawn, platforms appear, and he even says players can use the tools given to “even write curse words”, I’m sure Nintendo is thrilled. Bernard also plans to make a website where players can then upload these created levels and vote for their favorites. Sounds too good to be true for only $5, hopefully the gameplay will be as good as the presentation.