Review – Lostwinds (Wii)

Developer/Publisher: Frontier
Year: 2008

Lostwinds is one of the premier launch titles for Nintendo’s new Wii Ware service and the only platformer among the lot.  Developed by Frontier, the game aims to show just what can be done with only 49 megs.  The presentation and gameplay presented are undeniably great but even those don’t tell the whole story. Continue reading


Review – Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

Developer/publisher: Nintendo
Year: 2007
Fun fact: Mario’s 3rd 3D platformer

It’s hard for me to hide my admiration of the Super Mario series.  It seems to be the standard to which I hold all other platformers.  When a new installment occasionally makes it onto the shelves, I usually experience strokes, heart attacks, fainting spells, etc.  Unfortunately, when Galaxy was released, I was Wii-less and was forced to pretend it didn’t exist for several months.  Now that I’ve been able to wrap my trembling, grubby hands around, does it live up to my hopes, dreams and expectations?! Continue reading

Wario Land Headed For Wii?

Wario\'s Big Return to Platforming?

The Wario Land series enjoyed four classic platforming titles on the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. Wario has since become better known for his quirky party games in the Wario Ware franchise. It looks as if a return to form may be in order.

Nintendo of Japan updated its upcoming releases list and is now listing Wario Land Shake as a Wii title releasing July 24th in Japan.

There are no further details on the game at this time.

PixelJunk Eden looks to bring something unique to the genre

PixelJunk Eden has remained pretty mysterious in terms of what type of game it will be or it’s gameplay until now. The Playstation Blog sat down with two of the games producers for a nice little interview followed by some actual gameplay. The producers call it a platformer that really brings something new to the genre.
Apparently you are these little creatures that gather pollen to bring back to your garden to grow plants. You do this by swinging around the levels and hopping onto all different types of platformers in all types of shapes and sizes. You can chain together the pollen in a way that remeinded me of the way you collect orbs in NiGHTS. Anyway this is definitly a game to keep an eye our for as Pixel Junk Monsters, already available on the PSN is one of the most addicting games I have played all year, so I expect this one will be just as great. The video automaticaly loads up so to see it hit the break: Continue reading

KORE Returns!

You probably never heard of The Kore Gang for the XBox, but it was a quirky platformer that got put on a long hiatus. Developed in Sweden by ZOINK, the game was originally put on hold when the publisher went out of business. It’s making a return now for the Wii, retitled as KORE.

It’s been six years so everything could have changed by now, but the original information provided said:

  • First game ever with “personality views”, for example “Smell View” with Rex the dog.
  • A new universe of gigantic environments and hilarious creatures with a unique visual style.
  • Real interactive music and sound. Some enemy characters have their own theme songs. Learn them and you will defeat them more easily.
  • Switch between four characters during gameplay.
  • Destructable environment objects.

And the story was as follows:

With three zany, kooky crackpots sharing a Kore Suit, insane action is guaranteed. After all, you control the metallic suit that multiplies the wearer’s abilities beyond imagination. Pixie becomes a pro at climbing, Madboy gains an iron fist, and the dog Rex develops astonishing senses of hearing and smell. Your job is to cleverly utilize these characters to free the mad inventor Dr. Samuelsen from the crazy Kranks. Become the leader of a wonderfully wacked-out team three times more demented, three times weirder, and three times stronger than one hero alone!

You can see some of the original screens at Team Xbox

As of now those images are all we have to go off of. There hasn’t been any announcement of what significant changes to the game’s original story or design may be.

They are hinted at in an article by GoNintendo.

Review – Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure (NeoGeo Pocket Color)

YEAR: 1999

With no handheld of their own to support, SEGA licensed their Sonic property out to SNK for their NeoGeo Pocket in the late 1990s.  The resulting game is interesting for two main reasons: 1) it was the first step toward the Sonic Advance/Rush series and 2) it’s a face-off between old and new gaming values without a clear winner being decided.

Read the rest of the review: Continue reading

Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa is coming for US Virtual Console

If you had not heard of the game Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa before don’t feel bad. It is a platformer for the Famicom Disc System which has never seen a release outside of Japan. It stars a baby with a rattle, which probably would not have appealed to anyone in the US anyway, however it is a classic platformer so we should at least care right? Bad news is while the game might have been announced for a release on the US Virtual Console, there is absolutely no word on when the game will actually appear on the service for download. 

Alex Kidd in Miracle World was also rated by the ESRB along with Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa as a future release for the Virtual Console as well.