Eternity’s Child: The Lost Chapter

Before it was a WiiWare title, Eternity’s Child was being manufactured for mobile phones. Rather than just scrapping the project or vaulting it, creator Luc Bernard has made it available – for free – through the Eternity’s Child website! Sporting it’s wonderfully beautiful, hand drawn style graphics, there’s no reason not to check this title out!

Download Eternity’s Child: The Lost Chapter


LostWinds Almost Lost…For Real?

Frontier Developments front man David Braben spoke at the Developers Conference and admitted, through the normal channels, LostWinds wasn’t going to make it.

It’s a fantastic way of de-risking publishing. This is a game we probably wouldn’t have done through normal publishing channels. It was a very difficult game to work out who’s going to buy it, and so on. We just wrote this game for ourselves, and that’s one of the reasons why we enjoyed the process so much.

[The LostWinds idea] turned, over time, into a game idea – not fully formed. We thought the art style should come from somewhere that was naturally windy, and ideas like Tibet, the Incans and the Mayans came forward…those were compressed into a really natural look.

Design documents were prepared, discussed and criticised openly in a forum where criticism was expected – and then they gathered dust for a while, before Nintendo came to us with WiiWare.

Thank goodness for WiiWare! Without it, we never could have enjoyed the little gem that was LostWinds!

More Wario Land: Shake It! gameplay than you can shake a stick at, get it?

The website has uploaded tons of Gameplay footage of the Japanese import version of Wario Land: Shake It!, basically footage from every world in the game so you get a snese of all the different locations. The best part is the epic near 20 minute video tour of one of the levels in the game where the gameplay mechanics are all explained, overall it is a very well done tour of what to expect. Something to note for those that decide not to watch the videos, the game runs in widescreen but there are letter-boxed item screens and such on the sides, better than nothing for us widescreen TV owners. To view the individual levels click here and to view the 20 minute video tour click here.

Why you should pre-order Mushroom Men.

You get this awesome “life-sized” statue, thats why! Well if you pre-order Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars for Wii at GameStop you will get this little guy to the left, as well a a pack of 11 cards with the games variou enemies. If you pre-order Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi on DS at GameStop you will also get another pack of 11 cards (different from the Wii one) along with a Les Claypool Mushroom Men themed poster. Pretty cool huh? So get out there and pre-order!

Shanoa gets busy in the ‘Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia’ trailer

The new Castlevania for DS got a Japan release date for October 23rd. Considering we got Portrait of ruin just a couple of weeks after its release in Japan, its safe to say we will see Ecclesia arriving sometime in November. In the new trailer Shanoa (the new female lead character) shows off a lot of her magic spells, as well as just a few quick seconds of a “werepanther” transformation. The huge enemy sprites look amazing with tons of detail, stages look varied, taking us out of the castle corridors (check out that ship wreck level!). Last but not least the music is catchy and great as usual, expect yet another killer soundtrack.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

TheEscapist got a look at Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars at E3

Vodpod videos no longer got to sit down with Ryan Mattson of Red Fly Stdios where he gave them a demo of the gameplay for Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars for the Wii. He goes over alot of the influences for the games art design and overall style, I was suprised to know that much of the games lighting effects were heavily influenced by the horror film “Creepshow”. The combat is also shown for a bit, and also take note that there is no on screen HUD to be seen, your life is represented by the top of your mushroom head which diminishes as you take damage. Check out the video and see why it is one of the must own platformers of 2008.

Feature: A look into every Klonoa game ever made.

 The Klonoa series is regarded as one of the finest of all platforming series. Despite it’s looks, this is one of the more challenging platformer series out there and for good reason. There are 7 Klonoa games, 5 of which are of the platformer genre and 4 are available in the US. This article will take a look into all 7 games, and give you an idea of what to expect from each one of them. If you call yourself a platformer fan it is essential that you at least play two of the titles. To find out which two as well as what the other 5 are all about hit the jump and read on for this exlusive Platformer Update Feature for the Klonoa Series! Continue reading