Going on a Hiatus

Incase you have not noticed, I have not been posting news updates within the last month. I should have made this post a long time ago but posting it late is better than never. This time of the year for me is very hectic between school and work. I am in my finals week and have been very busy. All of my free time has gone to playing games and making videos on Youtube. Yes I am now doing Youtube videos on a regular basis and find it extremely fun. I have just not had the time to browse the internet and make articles and news posts for Platformer Update like I once did. Rest assured Platformer Update is not going anywhere! I plan to be back to my regular updating routine for the site sometime in January, so stay tuned!

For those interested, here is a link to my Youtube channel, be sure to subscribe if you like it! I also have a review up for Little Big Planet and Mirror’s Edge!


One Response

  1. Keep up the great job and have a great break. Hope your site gets more people coming to it too! I believe it!

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