Pre-ordering Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts gets you the original for free on XBLA

Not only will BK: Nuts and Bolts only be $40 (confirmed by pre-orders) but if you pre-order the game at participating retailers (most likely places like Gamestop, Best Buy, etc) you will get a free voucher code to download the original Banjo Kazooie on XBLA . Since the code will be able to be used the day Nuts and Bolts comes out, this will give you access to download the original about 2 weeks before it is officialy released for download on XBLA. Sounds like a really great deal to me, I just hope I don’t find myself playing the original more than Nuts and Bolts simply because it is said that certain events that you complete in N&B opens up brand new never before seen content on the original Banjo Kazooie, nice!


Eternity’s Child: The Lost Chapter

Before it was a WiiWare title, Eternity’s Child was being manufactured for mobile phones. Rather than just scrapping the project or vaulting it, creator Luc Bernard has made it available – for free – through the Eternity’s Child website! Sporting it’s wonderfully beautiful, hand drawn style graphics, there’s no reason not to check this title out!

Download Eternity’s Child: The Lost Chapter

Own the most awesome limited classic Sonic statues

First4Figures is bringing the look of classic Sonic back to life. Here is their newest offering, exclusively available for pre-order right now on Play-Asia, this huge 12 inch vinyl statue is extremely limited and only 3,000 will be made, I placed my order the second I layed eyes on this guy as I did not want to miss a chance to own one, which will look great right along all my other Sonic items. To go along with him I also ordered the 3 smaller 4-5 inch vinyl statues of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, which are close to releasing this month, and are also available for pre-order and will be sold for only $12.90 each. Platformer and especially Sonic fans don’t miss your chance to own these, quantities will be limited so pre-order now!

 12-inch Classic Sonic Statue: Pre-order (only 3,000 made)

4-5 inch Classic Sonic Statue: Pre-order

4-5 inch Classic Tails Statue: Pre-order

4-5 inch Classic Knuckles Statue: Pre-order

Get Super Paper Mario for $39.99 at Amazon

Sure you can get this for almost the same priced used at a Gamestop, but when you factor in that Amazon sells it brand new (with an option for free shipping) for $39.99 it’s hard to pass up for you bargain hunters out there.

Super Paper Mario is much more Platformer than any of the others in the series, adding in a really cool gameplay element which has you switching the view of a regular 2D platformer into a on rails 3D Platformer. Chances are if you like Mario games you already own this one, but if you don’t you definitly need to pick it up.

Also note that it is currently unknown if this will end up bring a universal price drop at all retailers as well or how long will be offering the game for $39.99. Heres the link to the game.

NiGHTS Journey of Dreams gets new price on Wii

So you put off buying NiGHTS because of Mario Galaxy you say? well Gamestop has lowered the price on this whimsical game by $20, dropping the price to a very reasonable $30. I picked this game up on release day,and it was totaly worth it. Sure its weakest point is the actual platforming levels (go figure huh?) but actually flying around is just wonderful. If you played the original on Saturn expect nothing new, just more of the same with upgraded graphics (and great music).

The Ultimate book for Mega Man fans has arrived

Like Mega Man? you MUST by this!

Order your copy now! (get 20% off the book with this link!)

So you call yourself a MegaMan/Rockman fan? well then this is the perfect book for you! This import book titled ‘R20 Rockman and Rockman X Official Complete Works’ was just released and contains 336 pages of over 3000 illustrations, info, and interviews from the Megaman and Megaman X series! It looks beautiful to me, and would go perfect in any platformers collection, so order now! More pictures available after the jump.

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Stafi 4 on sale for $29.90 at

I have heard great things about the Densetsu no Stafi series, so while browsing I couldn’t pass up this deal where including shipping you can have a copy of Stafi 4 for just under $33. The game is import friendly and is not text heavy, so playing it should be no problem. Also for those unaware, DS games have no region protection, so this game will work just fine on your US Nintendo DS! I am not sure how long this deal has been going on for or how much longer it will last, so be sure to pick up a copy today by clicking the link. Order Now from