Own every NES platformer ever, oh and every other NES game as well

I tend not to go this general for platformer news, but this is just a bit too cool not to post. There is no doubt that NES is home to many many platformers, some of the best ever made actually. Now is your chance to own everyone of them, actually to own every NES game ever made in this eBay auction which is currently at over $10,000!  If you just don’t have that much money to spare maybe you will have some fun checking out it’s ending price, which I am sure will be as much as putting a down payment on a house.


Mega Man 1 & 2 as well as Earthworm Jim 2 get rated by ESRB for Wii

More news for you Virtual Console fiends out there, the ESRB rating board just gave ratings to Mega Man 1 & 2 for the NES. Most likely these will be releasing very soon in an attempt to capitalize on the Mega Man 9 hype. Second up we have Earthworm Jim 2, which follows suite of Earthworm Jim 1 which has already previously been rated by the ESRB. For those wondering, both will be from the Genesis version. I suspect an official announcement happening for Earthworm Jim 3 probably by the end of the year or early next year

Virtual Console Platformers: Spelunker

The Nintendo Virtual Console is updated weekly, and anytime a Platformer is added to the weekly update I will be posting a video of it here along with my own personal description or one taken from Wikipedia if I am unfamiliar with the game.

(NES-Spelunker-500 Points) Spelunker is set in a colossal cave, with the player starting at the cave’s entrance at the top, and the objective is to get to the fabulous treasure at the bottom. To achieve this, the player must walk and jump through increasingly challenging parts of the cave, all the while working with a finite supply of fresh air, which could be replenished at various points. Continue reading