Poll of the Week – Did you buy Braid for XBLA?

Braid is big news in the gaming industry right now. Why? it costs 1200 points ($15) for what many believe is way too much for a game they believe should be 800 points like all the rest. Let’s put all that past us for now, bottom line is Braid is a beautiful and original platformer currently exclusive for the XBLA. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about Braid so far, check out my initial impressions while you are at it for those on the fence of purchasing it.

So the results are in for last weeks poll, and a whopping 83% of you chose Sonic Unleashed as your most anticipated Platformer for 2008, completely blowing the competition out of the water. I still reccomend you all keep a very close eye on all of the other games on that poll, just incase Sonic Unleashed turns out to be worse than expected


Poll of the Week- Your most anticipated Platformer of 2008?

A new feature here at Platformer Update will be the Poll of the Week, where each week you will see a new poll, like this one, for readers to vote on to see what other fellow platformer fans are thinking of upcoming games and such. So be sure to vote! This weeks poll asks the question of what your most anticipated platformer coming up in 2008 is. Of course what systems you own will play a huge part in your vote, but let it be known either way. If your most anticipated game is not listed be sure to comment and let us know which one and why!