Feature: A look into every Klonoa game ever made.

 The Klonoa series is regarded as one of the finest of all platforming series. Despite it’s looks, this is one of the more challenging platformer series out there and for good reason. There are 7 Klonoa games, 5 of which are of the platformer genre and 4 are available in the US. This article will take a look into all 7 games, and give you an idea of what to expect from each one of them. If you call yourself a platformer fan it is essential that you at least play two of the titles. To find out which two as well as what the other 5 are all about hit the jump and read on for this exlusive Platformer Update Feature for the Klonoa Series! Continue reading


Klonoa Door to Phantomile coming to PSN

At least in Europe that is. Thanks to site reader Bort for letting me in on this, in which he alerted me that on the European rating body website PEGIthey have given Klonoa an age rating for the Playstation Network. Now this definitely does not 100% confirm its release, however it is safe to say according to Bort that this will be accurate and indeed will eventually make its way to America as well.

This is great news for platformer fans, because not only is this in my opinion one of the best games ever, but it is also quite uncommon. Prices on eBay can become pretty random, but overall the game is not cheap. After the jump watch a gameplay video of Klonoa on PSX. Continue reading

Pandemonium coming for PSN

While no official announcement was made on a date, the ESRB gave a rating for the game Pandemonium for the Playstation Network, which usually seals the deal in terms of a title coming out for it.

Pandemonium is a 2.5D platformer (think Klonoa on PS1/PS2 or Tomba) where the game is on rails but the camera and environments are in a 3D so it appears that you are actually moving in a 3D environment when you are really just playing it in 2D. A cool fact about this game is that it is actually available on the Nokia N-Gage as well. If you are not into downloads and want to actually own this game, it can easily be bought for between $2-$5.