Mirror’s Edge and Banjo Kazooie demos are now available


Before you mention it, yes I am a bit late on this news bit, however a certain LittleBigGame has taken all my free time away. Now available on XBLA and PSN is a demo for Mirror’s Edge, a first person platformer for the 360 and PS3. The demo gives you a tutorial level as well as the first stage from the game. From what I played it is just how I imagined it, a great new game that tries something new and succedes, it’s good to take risks!

Next Up this week is a demo for Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts on the XBLA. This demo is huge, you basicaly have the entire first world to play around it spanning multiple levels. From what I have played, it looks amazing and certainly feels like the classic Banjo we love, except with vehicles…alot of them. Infact I am still trying to decide if I like the vehicles yet and that is something I will likely have to decide come the games release this month.


Spelunker will be making its way to PSN

Spelunker is getting a graphically overhauled remake on the PSN. This was originally a platformer on the NES which made it’s way to the virtual console earlier this year. A new feature is the ability to play in 4-player split screen, something obviously never possible on the NES. The game has an emphasis on ladder climbing, pit jumping, hazardous obstacles and most of all dieing a lot.

Win a Little Big Planet Beta Code courtesy of Platformer Update

Platformer Update is giving away one Beta Code to Little Big Planet to one lucky reader. These codes are no easy task to get a hold of, in fact as soon as websites have allowed visitors to sign up, the sites crash shortly afterwards. The rules are simple, just follow these easy steps and you will be one step closer to playing in the Beta:

  • Leave a comment telling us your Top 3 favorite platformer games of all time and one platformer series/game that most deserves to be revived or remade (explainations are fine but not required) for next gen systems. (For help on defining a platformer game please browse this website or visit our About page)
  • In the comment, please include your PSN Account name (You will be notified by a comment on your PSN name with your code.)
  • Limit 1 entry per person (comment more than once and you will be immediately disqualified!)
  • This entry period ends at 11:59pm ET on Saturday, October 4th. We’ll choose our favorite entries and randomly select one winner at that time to receive one Beta Code, you will be notified by your PSN name not email. (Please note, no biases in terms of the game series you pick will play a role in our selection, we will just be weeding out obvious spam entries, so in essence every entry could be called a “favorite”) Good luck, please make sure you have read the rules carefully, any missing fields will automatically disqualify you!

Quest for Booty arrives in the US and EU on August 21st

Ratchet and Clank fans get your credit cards ready, or steal your parents on August 21st in the US and EU (and 22nd in JP) As the downloadable game ‘Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty’ hits the PSN. The game will last 3-4 hours long for the price of $15. Insomniac has said that the element of adventuring and platforming takes a much higher priority this time around than Ratchet’s deadly weapon arsenal. The game picks right up where ‘Tools of Destruction’ left off with its cliff hanger story. They also call this an “experiment” to see if future R&C downloadable games will happen in the future, based on sales I assume. I for one, will be buying this the day it comes out.

Own the glorious Mega Man 9 box art shirt


When fans were treated to the box art for the upcoming Mega Man 9 they couldent resist the tight tights of Mega Man himself. During E308 Capcom reps were wearing a shirt with the box art, and so many fans and journalists wanted a shirt of their own Capcom has broken down and decided to make the shirts mass produced and available in the US and “available for purchase soon”. If you want to know where this art came from exactly visit the artists website “I am 8-bit” Gerald de Jesus. No price point, date, exactly where they will be available for purchase has been made official yet though it is a safe bet they will be available online only at Capcoms website for a price between $20-$30.

PixelJunk Eden demo coming tomorrow to PSN

Playstation 3 owners have something to look forward to tomorrow as a demo of PixelJunk Eden will be hitting the PSN with a demo before the games official July 31st release (no price point yet).  Players control a “grimp” which jumps high and sticks to surfaces, also sporting a tether to grapple to objects. The point of the game is to collect spectra scattered throughout the games 10 levels. Once a level is completed a new plant will grow in your garden allowing you to advance to the next stage, your garden is a visual representation of the main screen. The game takes on a imple yet beautiful art direction that really makes it feel unique. The best part is the game allows for co-op play with a friend, so get your jumping skills ready!

Mega Man 9 developer E3 walkthrough

Mega Man 9 might seem like a step backwards to some, but not the legion of fans out there that just cannot wait to get their hands on what they never though would have ever happened, an actual 8-bit Mega Man game in the style of the original 2 games. This video gives you a brief look at the story and gameplay, as well as reasons for Capcoms decision to go back to the series roots rather than give it a more flashy look. Also the title is now confirmed to be coming to WiiWare, PSN, as well as XBLA. Talk about a full treatment!