The biggest dissapointments for Platformer fans of E3 08

Sure we have a lot to look forward to with all of the new announcements at this years E3, but then again we have alot to be disappointed about as well. Certain un-spoken of games, little to no updates on others. There is still hope for certain franchises at upcoming events like the Tokyo Game Show, but here is just a list of a few no-shows that left us fans crying in the dark. 
No news on Kid Icarus Wii
While there was never any true confirmation by Nintendo and alot of it was based on speculation, there was some hope when some concept art appeared on the internet of some different designs for our beloved character. Come E3 Nintendo’s big “holiday blockbuster” ended up being the predictable Animal Crossing and the toddler toy “Wii Music”. Kid Icarus fans everywhere were very disappointed by this no show. Until now there is still no word on any  confirmed development of a Kid Icarus game.
Where are our Virtual Console games?
There is no denying that the Virtual Console has ended up being just what Nintendo first promised if not better. There is already a huge library of games across many platforms (Neo-Geo and TurboGrafx-16, who ever saw that coming?), the game catalog growing weekly. Sure Nintendo usually keeps the upcoming release of a game secret until the day before it’s release or on the day of for new Virtual Console games, but E3 was their chance to show off some more classic games to keep fans excited for their great service. We ended up with nothing. Sure the usual suspects are Earthbound and Super Mario RPG in terms of demand, but imagine if we knew of more platformers coming our way? maybe even remakes of old platformers for the WiiWare. Rocket Knight Adventures on Virtual Console? how about a remake of Gunstar Heroes on WiiWare? While we can all still have hope because we do know that every week new games will be arriving, it still would have been nice to know or have a hint at what we can be expecting in the future.
No new Mario details
Sure they might have told us that they are “already hard at work on a new Mario title” but anyone who knows Nintendo knows this is common sense, we KNOW they had one in the works since Mario is their biggest franchise, but we wanted details, nice juicy details and all we got was a stock photo like the one you see to the left. Give us a 15 second teaser trailer and satisfy a legion of fans, but instead they left us in the dust. The good news is we know it’s coming, the bad news is we have absolutely no information or date to even think of.
No news on Earthworm Jim 4
This one might be a bit early to complain about since the announcement only happened not even 3 months before E3. We really have no news on the games direction, so any new details would have been nice. Not to ruin anybody’s hopes, but there was a enhanced PSP version of Earthworm Jim planned for 2007 release but it eventually got canned. Let’s hope that is not repeated for his next adventure.
Nintendo fails to hype Wario Land
Anyone notice a trend yet? Nintendo failed to deliver on a lot of things this year, but one thing they are really not known for is ignoring one of their very own titles which is shaping up to be one of the best titles available on the Wii. No mention of the game whatsoever at their press conference, let alone much talk about it from Nintendo in general. This is the type of game that should have had a press conference demo, a TV commercial, and full page ads in magazines. Wario Land: Shake It! is not getting the exposure it deserves, and come this holiday the game will get lost in the flood of shovelware and big releases coming out. Nintendo will take it’s low sales numbers as a sign that maybe beautiful 2D games should be left for their WiiWare service and not retail games (well, good retail games that is). We must buy and support this one people, it will help protect our genre’s future!
Did we miss anything?
Leave us a comment and tell us your most dissapointing platformer moments of E3 2008! 

Daxter could very well be coming to the PS2

The French website has posted news that the PSP platformer Daxter will be coming to the PS2 as a port, however this is still just a rumor. Seing that Ratchet and Clank Size Matters made it’s way to the PS2 it is a good bet that Daxter could as well. However, with Daxter being a $15 greatest hit on PSP will it be marked up to a $30 purchase for the PS2? I will be sure to keep everyone updated if an official announcement is made.

LittleBigPlanet rumored to be coming to PSP

One of the best PS3 games to be released in the future for PS3 is now also rumored to be coming out on the PSP according to an inside source at CVG. No other details on how or if the game would link up with the PS3 version or gameplay elements were discussed, however it is a safe bet to say there will be some kind of linking of the PSP and PS3 given their love for remote play and all that kind of stuff. LittleBigPlanet uses a complex physics system which would be interesting to see how it gets translated over to the PSP. Just remember that nothing is confirmed yet, however lets hope that they finish up the PS3 version first so we can finally play this awsome platformer!

EGM cooks up some tastey rumors in this months “Rumor Mill”

The gaming magazine EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) has a column every month called “Rumor Mill” where much speculation goes on as to what might be happening out there in the gaming world. Most of it eventually turns out to be true and sometimes it ends up being just a rumor that never comes to life. This month however there are two great rumors for us platformer fans out there (quoted from EGM):

“Flushing the Plumber

Disney’s serious about dominating the game industry. How serious? Glad you asked. Last year, the megacompany bought game-design maverick Warren Spector’s (Deus Ex) Junction Point Studios asked him to whip up a truly magical game. My mousy mole tells me Disney tasked Mr. Spector with the ambitious goal of creating a platform-style Mario-killer starring Mickey Mouse. Uh, seems like Disney has been bingeing on too many of Mario’s magic mushrooms

“New Turn for Ratchet

Last year’s Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction sure was a pretty platformer. It wasn’t just cartoon-quality looks, though–we really dug the fast-paced, hop-and-pop action. So much so that the cliffhanger ending left us moaning for more. Luckily, we might get more sooner rather than later– my Sony spy tells me developer Insomniac is building a downloadable expansion sequel to Tools of Destruction set to be released this fall.”

Guess we will find out if these rumors hold up. While I would preffer a true sequel to Ratchet on an actual disc, any new content for the game is great news either way. A new mickey platformer? that is excellent news for anyone that remember games such as Mickey Mania (shown above) or Castle of Illusion (even Fantasia). Mickey has had an excellent reputation in the past for platformer games, so heres hoping his long overdue debut into the genre is a good one! if the rumor is true of course, lets hope.


New Kid Icarus game is Confirmed, a little bit

In my opinion its pretty safe to say that a new Kid Icarus game is in development since his inclusion in brawl (But then again, we never got a new Earthbound/Mother over here with Ness in Smash Bros 64). However according to IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat podcast they discuss Reggie’s recent comments about a “holiday blockbuster to be announced at E3”, however they say that they think it could be the new Kid Icarus game that they “Know” is in the works. This can be taken two ways however, are they just hoping for a new Kid Icarus game that they are “guessing” is in the works or do they truly “know”? guess we will find out at E3 2008.