Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Master System arrives on Virtual Console

Today the Virtual Console gets the Sega Master System version of Sonic the Hedgehog. You would be suprised by how many people do not even know this game exists. Sure they know about the 16-bit Genesis version, but this 8-bit version even includes new levels, bosses, music, overworld map, as well as finding the Chaos Emeralds in the levels themselves. The US version of Sonic on SMS was the last SMS game released in the States, and is one of the rarest Sega games available. The only difference from the European version (which is only a few bucks) is a sticker on the packaging. Hit the break for a video of one of the “new” levels in the SMS version, as well as a really cool Robotnik boss fight. Continue reading


Review – Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Master System)

Developer: Westone
Publisher: SEGA
Year: 1988
Fun Fact: originally released in the arcades and then on TG16 as Bikkuriman World

Wonder Boy in Monster Land is easily the best 1980s platformer not starring a fat, little, Italian guy.  It deserves all the praise that its sequel instead receives and then some.  If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to play a 1980s Mario game infused with a big dose of Zelda then you can stop wondering.  It’s all here, including all the jumping, swordplay, hidden items, magic spells and octopi that you can handle. Continue reading

Wonder Boy arrives on Virtual Console

Initially a release in the arcades and then ported over to the Sega Master System, Wonder Boy is your typical platformer that resembles Super Mario Bros. There is a “timer” of sorts shown as a life bar on the top of the screen which got lower and lower as time went on, this bar can be replenished with items throughout the levels however. Other items included a hatchet and skateboard. Graphically Wonder Boy is a nice showcase for a SMS game, sporting vibrant colors and fast speeds. Those looking to pick this game up will be set back 500 Wii points, well spent for Platformer fans. For a 10 minute long gameplay video hit the jump! Continue reading