Sonic and the Black Knight TGS 08 Trailer

The results? it actually looks pretty damn good! Of course the trailer is garnished with all kinds of flashy visuals that cut in and out of the actual game play, but what is shown looks pretty damn awesome. Some the camera angles are of the “Secret Rings” style (overly dramatic at times) but the speed is still there and combat this time around seems very fast paced and not slow as many originally predicted as soon as they heard Sonic would be weilding a sword.

The mood is also decidedly darker, just by checking out the (we can only assume) Black Knight shown in the trailer, it really seems like the game steps outside of what Sonic fans are typically used to and instead throws him into an entirely different game.


First ‘Henry Hatworth: A Puzzling Adventure’ trailer released

Here is the first official trailer for the upcoming DS puzzle/platformer hybrid Henry Hatsworth: A Puzzling Adventure. Could this become the next big sleeper hit that evolves into a hit series? We will keep you updated as new info or more in depth developer interviews are released.

First video of a full level of Sonic Unleashed

Here is the first video of a full level of Sonic Unleashed that has ever been seen on the Internet so far. Sure people are walking in front of the camera (and standing there as well), but it gives us a very good idea of how the game will play out. The results? you decide but in my opinion these “speed” levels look great, most closely resembling a 3D interpretation on the DS Sonic Rush series, the entire levels looks like a non-stop rollercoaster ride.

ScrewAttack’s Top 5 and Worst 5 Sonic games

Yes this is a few months old, but like myself I am sure there are people out there that have never seen this before. ScrewAttack’s videos are often pretty funny and enjoyable so I hope some of you enjoy the video. Do you agree or disagree with any of the placements? for one I totally disagree with the #1 worst Sonic game, to avoid spoilers of the list stop reading here.

Sonic R was ranked their #1 worst Sonic game of all time but I must disagree, infact the worst Sonic ever did not even make the list, Sonic Jam for which was virtually unplayable. Sonic R to me was an enjoyable racer believe it or not and call me crazy but as weird as the soundtrack was… I enjoyed the soundtrack. Also for my top Sonic game list Sonic 2 would have made that list somewhere. What are your opinions?

Wal-Mart exclusive LittleBigPlanet trailer

As the October 7th release of LittleBigPlanet draws near, we are getting closer and closer to what could be (and you may quote me on this) the best platformer ever. Everything you see in the video above (and anything you ever see of the game) is user created content. That means you create the look and layout of the levels, even allowing you to import pictures with the Playstation Eye. Want a boss at the end of everyone of your levels? sure just create him and go crazy! A recreation of Stage 1-1 of the original Super Mario Bros.? go right ahead. The best part is sharing your levels or downloading others creations from around the world, and them playing them cooperatively on the internet.

‘Fez’ is destined to make your head spin!

After watching that video all I can say is…wow. Fez is a forthcoming platformer developed by an independent software developer called Kokoromi. It currently has no release date and is only scheduled to come out on the PC. If you want to be surprised by it’s gameplay I suggest watching the video first, if not read on. You manipulate the game world by rotating it and then “collapsing” it back togehter to create new paths, which is most similar to the PSP game “Crush” and even a bit of “Super Paper Mario for Wii, though Fez has been in development long before those games were ever put into production.

The overall style screams “8-bit” from the “Engrish” text to the techno computer music, Fez really looks like a mind bending experience with a great sense of humor and style. Fez was awarded the “Excellence in Visual Art” and “Design Innovation”award at the 2008 Independent Games Festival, and based on this video I am sure nobody is willing to argue against that.

‘Braid’ arrives on the XBLA this Wednesday

This Wednesday the Xbox Live Arcade is treated to a unique puzzle-platformer called ‘Braid’. The game has been in development for over 3 years now by ‘Number None Inc’ and it incorporates familiar gameplay coupled with a new unique twist on the genre. Each game world presents you with a unique way to manipulate time from something as easy as rewinding time to parallel worlds. This is what creates the unique puzzles found throughout the game. The kicker is that you actually never die, as you have free usage of your time abilities, as the game is more about the accomplishment of finishing puzzles and levels than trying over and over after falling to your death. The games art is all hand drawn along with a rich symphonic music score which all fits together to create a truly unique experience.

Be sure to check out the above gameplay video to get a taste for just one of the puzzles in the game. Braid will be available on August 6th for 1,200 (yes 1,200) Microsoft Points exclusively on the XBLA. For more info on the game check out the official Braid page