Aggregated: Pole’s Big Adventure: Sega’s countdown to reveal 8-bit WiiWare title

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Sega’s mysterious countdown still has about two days to go, but Japanese mag Famitsu has already spilled the beans on what the publisher is planning to reveal. Pole’s Big Adventure is a satire of the 8-bit platforming era, developed by Phantasy Star Universe producer Takao Miyoshi. According to IGN, there willl be over 100 hidden gags in the game. For example, eat enough mushroom powerups and your character will grow beyond the size of the screen.

No word on a stateside release yet, but it’s set to debut in Japan on February 3rd for 500 Wii points. Oh, and feel free to visit the countdown if you’re bored. The mushroom now makes noises. Awesome!


Boingz, a new platformer heading to WiiWare this month

Recently announced from developer Ninja Bee is the WiiWare exclusive platformer Boingz. The game puts you in control of the Boingz themselves as you haveto grab and stretch them to bounce them from platform to platform. It has 30 levels of pluzzle-platforming action and is expected to hit WiiWare between October 20-27. I hope to see more and more innovative platformers taking advantage of the WiiWare service, it could just keep the platformer genre from falling off the radar.

Eternity’s Child is still on it’s way, as well as a sequel

When Eternity’s Child hit the PC a couple of months ago, it got some really really bad reviews. Since then no news has been posted on the planned WiiWare version, until now. However, according to Luc Bernard, publisher Alten8 is working very hard to get it out by the end of the year. The even more surprising news? the once cancelled GBA version Eternity’s Child 2: Retro Child will be making it’s way to WiiWare sometime next year. For a video of Eternity’s Child 2 click here.

Reminder: Today is a huge day for platforming!

Just in case you have been living under a rock, here is what is being released today for platformer fans:

I myself am very much looking forward to de Blob, as according to the reviews it is shaping up to be one of the best Wii games out there. If you read just one review for de Blob, make sure it is the IGN one as it is actually very informative and well written. Wario Land is also getting some nice critical acclaim, and Kirby is a for sure buy for fans of the pink puff ball as many regard this entry in the series to be the very best one. To top it all off Mega Man 9 hits the Wii’s Virtual Console a bit earlier than its 360 and PS3 counterparts for 1,000 Wii points, I myself am waiting for the HD 360 version. Vectorman also makes it’s was onto the VC, experience one of the best technically impressive platformers the Genesis has to offer.

Braid: Not Coming To A Wii Near You

Jonathan Blow, creator of the puzzle platformer Braid, reveals that there’s no hope for a Wii version of the critically acclaimed game.

WiiWare is not going to happen for this game because the model is just not right – like, Braid is too big of a game to be downloadable on WiiWare and stored on someone’s Wii.

A lot of people think, oh, 3D is really complicated and is big, but 2D art – like all the bitmaps in Braid – takes a lot of space. The game is 144MB right now.

Unfortunately, the Wii storage issue strikes again! Nintendo has now claimed that a solution is top priority. Wii owners can only hope, because some good platformers are on the line!

Braid Will Be Noticeably Absent From The Wii

Braid Will Be Noticeably Absent From The Wii

Platformer Fans Bid Farewell…

There’s been a lot of reaction press concerning Eternity’s Child to say the least. Critics hate it, many fans love it – and one creator is devastated. After pouring heart and soul into his creation, Luc Bernard has decided that video games are not the best medium to convey his wonderful ideas.

A post on his blog revealed the news:

It’s been great, it’s been good, well maybe not great or good lol, trolls have won. ūüôā

I thought the videogame industry was different, but no it’s actually harder and worse than any other one, I still wonder why people hate Dennis Dylack for no reason and Uwe Boll, I don’t think if people realize the psychological things it can do to people.

People love to hate for no reason, and well I’ve got enough problems in my personal life to do another game after Eternity’s Child.

He further enlightened through the WiiWare World comments section:

well I will be constantly updating Eternity’s Child on steam, and making sure the Wiiware one will be fun )

I want to make sure Eternity’s Child on Steam ends up a fantastic game with chapters updated all the time (probably having another update today, and Chapter 2 in September), and that the Wiiware one ends up a really good game )

But being independent and not employed by a company it makes someone’s situation very hard.

I do hope you guys will still enjoy Eternity’s Child on wiiware.
Being known as the guy who created “the worst game ever” just well kind of dug me in a very deep hole that is professionally hard to get out of. Even if that is just one person’s opinion, people remember more the negatives than the positives.

I am just not in a position right now at all to continue making games.

And I am also very lucky that Alten8 is still getting the Wiiware version out.

Take Care everyone )

Maybe his ideas were too unique for a video game business inundated with mindless shooters and endless RPGs. Maybe it wasn’t his ideas, but rather his programmers didn’t make the game functional enough. Either way, platformer fans are losing a man who promised them great things and gave them hope for an interesting future.

Hopefully, one day, Luc reconsiders. If the Wii version of Eternity’s Child is as good as they say it will be, I know we here at Platformer Update will be ready and eagerly waiting his return.

The biggest dissapointments for Platformer fans of E3 08

Sure we have a lot to look forward to with all of the new announcements at this years E3, but then again we have alot to be disappointed about as well. Certain un-spoken of games, little to no updates on others. There is still hope for certain franchises at upcoming events like the Tokyo Game Show, but here is just a list of a few no-shows that left us fans crying in the dark. 
No news on Kid Icarus Wii
While there was never any true confirmation by Nintendo and alot of it was based on speculation, there was some hope when some concept art appeared on the internet¬†of some different designs for our beloved character. Come E3 Nintendo’s big “holiday blockbuster” ended up being the predictable Animal Crossing and the toddler toy “Wii Music”. Kid Icarus fans everywhere were very disappointed by this no show. Until now there is still no word on any¬† confirmed development of a Kid Icarus game.
Where are our Virtual Console games?
There is no denying that the Virtual Console has ended up being just what Nintendo first promised if not better. There is already a huge library of games across¬†many platforms (Neo-Geo and TurboGrafx-16, who ever saw that coming?), the game catalog growing weekly. Sure Nintendo usually keeps the upcoming release of a game secret until the day before it’s release or on the day of for new Virtual Console games, but E3 was their chance to show off some more classic games to keep fans excited for their great service. We ended up with nothing. Sure the usual suspects are Earthbound and Super Mario RPG in terms of demand, but imagine if we knew of more platformers coming our way? maybe even remakes of old platformers for the WiiWare. Rocket Knight Adventures on Virtual Console? how about a remake of Gunstar Heroes on WiiWare? While we can all still have hope because we do know that every week new games will be arriving, it still would have been nice to know or have a hint at what we can be expecting in the future.
No new Mario details
Sure they might have told us that they are “already hard at work on a new¬†Mario title” but anyone who knows Nintendo knows this is common sense, we KNOW they had one in the works since Mario is their biggest franchise, but we wanted details, nice juicy details and all we got was a stock photo like the one you see to the left. Give us a 15 second teaser trailer and satisfy a legion of fans, but instead they left us in the dust. The good news is we know it’s coming, the bad news is we have absolutely no information or date to even think of.
No news on Earthworm Jim 4
This one might be a bit early to complain about since the announcement only happened not even 3 months before E3. We really have no news on the games direction, so any new details would have been nice. Not to ruin anybody’s hopes, but there was a enhanced PSP version of Earthworm Jim planned for 2007 release but it eventually got canned. Let’s hope that is not repeated for his next adventure.
Nintendo fails to hype Wario Land
Anyone notice a trend yet? Nintendo failed to deliver on a lot of things this year, but one thing they are really not known for is ignoring one of their very own titles which is shaping up to be one of the best titles available on the Wii. No mention of the game whatsoever at their press conference, let alone much talk about it from Nintendo in general. This is the type of game that should have had a press conference demo, a TV commercial, and full page ads in magazines. Wario Land: Shake It! is not getting the exposure it deserves, and come this holiday the game will get lost in the flood of shovelware and big releases coming out. Nintendo will take it’s low sales numbers as a sign that maybe beautiful 2D games should be left for their WiiWare service and not retail games (well, good retail games that is). We must buy and support this one people, it will help protect our genre’s future!
Did we miss anything?
Leave us a comment and tell us your most dissapointing platformer moments of E3 2008!