Mirror’s Edge gets some PS3 love in the form of DLC

Still debating what system you want Mirror’s Edge on? This might help:

“There was a misunderstanding in terms of the quote that Mirror’s Edge is to be a timed exclusive on PS3,”… The game is multi-platform, although PlayStation has an exclusive marketing agreement with EA regarding the title, and exclusive downloadable content will be offered on the PlayStation Network.”

So the PS3 will indeed be getting exclusive DLC which will not be available on the 360, but heres the question, will it even matter? Look at GTA4 for 360, it has been many months since it’s release and we have yet to see a piece of it’s 360 exclusive content. Unless EA has plans to get the PS3 content out there shortly after it’s release I doubt it will matter to most purchasers.

Source: /gamer


LEAKED! Screenshots, Trailer and Details of new Next-Gen Sonic title!

Someone has discovered screen shots of a new Sonic game  while browsing a “SEGA FTP” located under a title of “Sonic Unleashed” according to the website SonicStadium. The screen shots show a CG scene as well as some possible gameplay (as seen above). With a title of “Sonic Unleashed” I am sure there will be no shortage of an over the top extreme vibe from the game with a heavy metal soundtrack, but as long as the game plays great that’s all that matters. It is reported that Sonic will have a Werewolf alter-ego of himself…want a trailer (!), more details and screenshots? Want to know if the game is 2D or 3D? Read on!

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