A Top 10 After My Own Heart

Gaming forum GameFAQs has daily top ten lists that are submitted by users and carefully sifted through to find lists suitable for the site. Today’s top 10? The Top 10 2D platformers.

Will you agree with the list? Check after the jump to see.

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Review – Donkey Kong 64 (N64)

Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo
Year: 1999
Fun Fact: sold over 5 million copies worldwide

DK64 is a game that immediately invites several comparisons. First off, how does it compare to Super Mario 64, released three years earlier? Second, how does it compare to Rare’s Banjo-Kazooie, an N64 3D platformer released by Rare in 1998? And finally, and perhaps most importantly, how does it compare to Donkey Kong Country, DK64’s prequel on the Super NES? Unfortunately, DK64 falls short when compared to each and all of these games.

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Donkey Kong Country Competition Cart on eBay

For you collectors out there, someone is selling a very nice condition DKCCC on eBay right now which even includes the box. This is easily one of the rarest finds on SNES and a must own for any serious SNES or platformer collector. For the link to the auction and even more details on exactly whats so special about this cart continue reading. Continue reading