Eternity’s Child is still on it’s way, as well as a sequel

When Eternity’s Child hit the PC a couple of months ago, it got some really really bad reviews. Since then no news has been posted on the planned WiiWare version, until now. However, according to Luc Bernard, publisher Alten8 is working very hard to get it out by the end of the year. The even more surprising news? the once cancelled GBA version Eternity’s Child 2: Retro Child will be making it’s way to WiiWare sometime next year. For a video of Eternity’s Child 2 click here.


Platformer Fans Bid Farewell…

There’s been a lot of reaction press concerning Eternity’s Child to say the least. Critics hate it, many fans love it – and one creator is devastated. After pouring heart and soul into his creation, Luc Bernard has decided that video games are not the best medium to convey his wonderful ideas.

A post on his blog revealed the news:

It’s been great, it’s been good, well maybe not great or good lol, trolls have won. 🙂

I thought the videogame industry was different, but no it’s actually harder and worse than any other one, I still wonder why people hate Dennis Dylack for no reason and Uwe Boll, I don’t think if people realize the psychological things it can do to people.

People love to hate for no reason, and well I’ve got enough problems in my personal life to do another game after Eternity’s Child.

He further enlightened through the WiiWare World comments section:

well I will be constantly updating Eternity’s Child on steam, and making sure the Wiiware one will be fun )

I want to make sure Eternity’s Child on Steam ends up a fantastic game with chapters updated all the time (probably having another update today, and Chapter 2 in September), and that the Wiiware one ends up a really good game )

But being independent and not employed by a company it makes someone’s situation very hard.

I do hope you guys will still enjoy Eternity’s Child on wiiware.
Being known as the guy who created “the worst game ever” just well kind of dug me in a very deep hole that is professionally hard to get out of. Even if that is just one person’s opinion, people remember more the negatives than the positives.

I am just not in a position right now at all to continue making games.

And I am also very lucky that Alten8 is still getting the Wiiware version out.

Take Care everyone )

Maybe his ideas were too unique for a video game business inundated with mindless shooters and endless RPGs. Maybe it wasn’t his ideas, but rather his programmers didn’t make the game functional enough. Either way, platformer fans are losing a man who promised them great things and gave them hope for an interesting future.

Hopefully, one day, Luc reconsiders. If the Wii version of Eternity’s Child is as good as they say it will be, I know we here at Platformer Update will be ready and eagerly waiting his return.

Eternity’s Child gets a Trailer as well as a terrible welcoming

I must admit, we here at Platformer Update had very high hopes for Eternity’s Child. I myself was glued to the very first screenshots released of the game as they looked very original and beautiful for a platformer, let alone a traditional 2D platformer. Well the game is available on the Steam program on the PC and users get to play it before the WiiWare version is released with a date currently unknown. The good news is we finally get to see the game in motion, but the bad news is the game is near broken and unplayable, atleast according to

Destructoid reviewed the game and gave it a abysmal 1/10, by both reviewers. They say the game looks great in screenshots, and god awful in motion including stiff animations. The controls are broken stating jumping only works 2 out of 3 times, and just terrible level and enemy mechanics, “one of the worst games in years”, Ouch. Keep in mind this is for the PC version of the game so we can only hope the WiiWare version gets a good brush up, but reportedly the patch for the PC version still did not fix any problems. All hope is not lost though, some looking around you will find many Steam users reportedly enjoying the game, though they do admit the controls could use some work.

I have hope that Eternity’s Child gets delayed and worked on some more before coming to WiiWare, but something tells me that just won’t happen.

Eternity’s Child: The Lost Chapter

Before it was a WiiWare title, Eternity’s Child was being manufactured for mobile phones. Rather than just scrapping the project or vaulting it, creator Luc Bernard has made it available – for free – through the Eternity’s Child website! Sporting it’s wonderfully beautiful, hand drawn style graphics, there’s no reason not to check this title out!

Download Eternity’s Child: The Lost Chapter

Eternity’s Child Previewed

WiiWare-World was sent a preview build of upcoming WiiWare platformer Eternity’s Child.

For the most part, the game plays out like a traditional platformer. Although running and jumping your way through the levels will take up the majority of your attention, you also have the ability to fire shots via a heart-shaped targeting icon that you can move around the screen using the Wii Remote. You’ll have to use these shots to take out the many enemies and obstacles that come your way early and often in the game. The final build of the game will include cooperative play, but this feature isn’t found in this particular build of the game we have so we haven’t got to try it out yet.

Your goal in each level is to locate the hidden diamonds and then reach the large skull at the end of the level. Sometimes this is fairly standard and involves nothing more than following the platforms to the end. However, in later levels, locating these diamonds, not to mention the end of the level, can become quite tricky. The levels also begin to take a more vertical direction later on in the game and also tend to feature a very maze-like intricacy. It’s this scavenger hunt-type quality that really adds some game play appeal once you reach these trickier levels. It’s safe to say that Eternity’s Child starts a little slow, but does pick up a bit once you get a few levels under your belt.

Click here to read the full preview.

Also, you may have heard that the game would not be coming to America, after all – only seeing release in Europe. This is no longer the case. Publisher Alten8 has now corrected earlier statements to the contrary and confirmed this WILL be coming stateside! However, we still do not know when.

Eternity's Child 2D Artwork Is Stunningly Beautiful

Eternity's Child 2D Artwork Is Stunningly Beautiful

Are you excited for this WiiWare release? Do you plan on checking it out? Let us know!

Eternity’s Child looking to take the artistic approach on WiiWare

WiiWare just keeps getting better and better. Not only do platformer fans have the unique title ‘Lost Winds’ and the puzzle platformer ”Toki Tori’ to look forward to on Nintedno Wii’s upcoming WiiWare service, but now we can look forward to ‘Eternity’s Child’ as well.

Luc Bernard is the creator of this hidden gem, which showcases a great art style unlike anything seen in console platformers yet, kinda reminds me of a high budget flash game, which is a good thing. Players control the main character ‘Angel’ with the analog stick and then also use the remote to aim a heart and with the press of a button his female friend is summoned and starts throwing objects to hit enemies wherever the cursor is pointing.

Perhaps the coolest part of the game which was recently announced is that there will be a level-editor which allows users to decide where enemies spawn, platforms appear, and he even says players can use the tools given to “even write curse words”, I’m sure Nintendo is thrilled. Bernard also plans to make a website where players can then upload these created levels and vote for their favorites. Sounds too good to be true for only $5, hopefully the gameplay will be as good as the presentation.