New Kid Icarus concept artwork revealed, Nintendo denies to comment

As you remember me previously reporting, it is a very likely rumor right now that a new Kid Icarus game is in the works, despite Nintendo’s refusal to comment on a “rumor”, being a new Kid Icarus game. Kombo has received these new concept artworks of a possible Kid Icarus design as well as weapons that they got earlier this year as a pitch document. Despite them being informed that the concepts have since developed much more now, they have still decided to share it with their readers. As you can see the concept designs put some age on Kid Icarus, and if you ask me it looks like he will be going on more of an action oriented game than a traditional platformer. For more concept art and info you can head on over to Kombo’s article


New Kid Icarus game is Confirmed, a little bit

In my opinion its pretty safe to say that a new Kid Icarus game is in development since his inclusion in brawl (But then again, we never got a new Earthbound/Mother over here with Ness in Smash Bros 64). However according to IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat podcast they discuss Reggie’s recent comments about a “holiday blockbuster to be announced at E3”, however they say that they think it could be the new Kid Icarus game that they “Know” is in the works. This can be taken two ways however, are they just hoping for a new Kid Icarus game that they are “guessing” is in the works or do they truly “know”? guess we will find out at E3 2008.