LostWinds Almost Lost…For Real?

Frontier Developments front man David Braben spoke at the Developers Conference and admitted, through the normal channels, LostWinds wasn’t going to make it.

It’s a fantastic way of de-risking publishing. This is a game we probably wouldn’t have done through normal publishing channels. It was a very difficult game to work out who’s going to buy it, and so on. We just wrote this game for ourselves, and that’s one of the reasons why we enjoyed the process so much.

[The LostWinds idea] turned, over time, into a game idea – not fully formed. We thought the art style should come from somewhere that was naturally windy, and ideas like Tibet, the Incans and the Mayans came forward…those were compressed into a really natural look.

Design documents were prepared, discussed and criticised openly in a forum where criticism was expected – and then they gathered dust for a while, before Nintendo came to us with WiiWare.

Thank goodness for WiiWare! Without it, we never could have enjoyed the little gem that was LostWinds!


Review – Lostwinds (Wii)

Developer/Publisher: Frontier
Year: 2008

Lostwinds is one of the premier launch titles for Nintendo’s new Wii Ware service and the only platformer among the lot.  Developed by Frontier, the game aims to show just what can be done with only 49 megs.  The presentation and gameplay presented are undeniably great but even those don’t tell the whole story. Continue reading

New LostWinds trailer shows off more gameplay, more anitcipation

Peaceful music, check. Charming graphics, check. Throwing little blob enemies sky high with the power of wind, check. This new trailer helps show us more of the platforming goodness this title has to offer, such as how you make loops of wind to propel our little hero up to other ledges. The trailer also shows off how the “combat” will work in the game which seems like it slows down time a bit to allow you to manipulate your surrounding obstacles.

LostWinds keeps shaping up to be what looks like to be one of the best platformers coming this year….well we can hope. While Wikipedia has the game listed as launching on May 12th, the official website still says TBA. Nintendo now plans to keep the launch list of WiiWare titles secret until the launch of the service itself (with the exception of some titles like Toki Tori which was already confirmed for May 12th), we can hope LostWinds makes it’s way to our Wii’s next week.

Use the power of the wind in the WiiWare game ‘LostWinds’

WiiWare’s future looks very bright indeed if it can pop out more unique titles such as ‘LostWinds’ being developed by Frontier Developments exclusively for the upcoming Wii download service WiiWare. It’s games like this that make me proud to be a gamer. The video below shows how the game will work, however let me break it down for you. You control the main character “Toku” with the nunchuck analog stick, and then you have the power of the wind at your disposal which is a sphere named Enril. You can use the wind by directing it with the Wii remote, this will help Toku get around as well as help solve environmental puzzles such as using the wind to blow water onto different seeds to grow them into plants to use at your disposal.

I am really impressed by the games art style, it is all very serene and calm supported by a mellow soundtrack, very relaxing indeed. Little subtle things like background objects moving due to the wind and water kicking up as the wind sways over water are all subtle but in the end make the difference between a good game and a great game. The game also seems to have sort of a “Kirby Canvas Curse” type feel to it as you help direct the character with the use of strokes, though it seems to be much less essential in LostWinds. Look for this title most likely later this year as downloadable only. In the mean time enjoy the very first video trailer: