LBP Beta Code contest winner announced!

The results are in guys along with a video I made of the live drawing so nobody feels cheated. I won’t spoil the winner in case you want to find out yourself, however they have been notified already on PSN (In 2 days if they do not send me a message acknowledging my message I will re-draw another winner if needed as long as they have not used to code by then).

Thank you to all who participated in the contest, I had a fun time reading all of your comments and was very suprised to see Earthworm Jim just dominating in nominations for a series remake (which is coming by the way guys, just search Earthworm Jim on here). Stay tuned for future contests on Platformer Update!


Win a Little Big Planet Beta Code courtesy of Platformer Update

Platformer Update is giving away one Beta Code to Little Big Planet to one lucky reader. These codes are no easy task to get a hold of, in fact as soon as websites have allowed visitors to sign up, the sites crash shortly afterwards. The rules are simple, just follow these easy steps and you will be one step closer to playing in the Beta:

  • Leave a comment telling us your Top 3 favorite platformer games of all time and one platformer series/game that most deserves to be revived or remade (explainations are fine but not required) for next gen systems. (For help on defining a platformer game please browse this website or visit our About page)
  • In the comment, please include your PSN Account name (You will be notified by a comment on your PSN name with your code.)
  • Limit 1 entry per person (comment more than once and you will be immediately disqualified!)
  • This entry period ends at 11:59pm ET on Saturday, October 4th. We’ll choose our favorite entries and randomly select one winner at that time to receive one Beta Code, you will be notified by your PSN name not email. (Please note, no biases in terms of the game series you pick will play a role in our selection, we will just be weeding out obvious spam entries, so in essence every entry could be called a “favorite”) Good luck, please make sure you have read the rules carefully, any missing fields will automatically disqualify you!

LittleBig PSP?

Sony’s LittleBigPlanethas certainly been the apple of the gaming media’s eye. With the console version releasing not too far off, gamers and the media are abuzz about the exciting new create-your-own platformer game that many have lauded as revolutionary.

So would it come as any surprise that Sony would like to slice off more of the pie?

That’s right, a LittleBigPlanetgame could be coming to a PSP near you.

Media Molecule’s co-founder Mark Healy mentioned the possibility while talking with Eurogamer TV:

There’s definitely scope for a PSP version. We’ve had discussions and talks, [but] nothing concrete at the moment. It’d be great to make, for the people who are really into the Create side, some kind of companion products that allow you to create things while you’re on the train.

One thing that I’d love to add is the ability to create you’re own music, for example, that you can import into the game. That seems like an obvious one to do and it’d be quite easy really.

What exactly the game could be is anyones guess, but if you need further proof then consider the fact Media Molecule just posted an online job ad for a “PSP Game Engine Lead”.

Let the speculation begin!

Sony Thinks LittleBigPlanet Will Sell Across the Globe

videogames247  recently had the chance to speak with the head of SCE, Shuhei Yoshida and he feels like LittleBigPlanet is going to be a hit. A bit of an understatement? You betcha!

“LittleBigPlanet is going to be the biggest title for Sony in all markets this year…History tells us how difficult it is for games developed in Europe or in the US to be successful in Japan, and with this generation we see Japanese consumer supporting more and more games coming from western Europe.”

Sony is banking on LBP to be huge indeed, though it may be tough to win over their Japanese audience, they have already declared Sackboy their PS3 mascot and are going to be doing quite a bit of exposure and advertising to hype the game up before it’s October 21st release. Trust me on this one, this could be the biggest hit of this gaming generation we have seen yet just based on it’s sheer innovation.

Source: /gamer

LittleBig Boxarts

We now have the official LittleBigPlanet boxarts on hand. See below. The top is for the U.S. cover. The bottom is for the U.K. cover.

US Cover: kotaku

UK Cover: ThreeSpeech

Wal-Mart exclusive LittleBigPlanet trailer

As the October 7th release of LittleBigPlanet draws near, we are getting closer and closer to what could be (and you may quote me on this) the best platformer ever. Everything you see in the video above (and anything you ever see of the game) is user created content. That means you create the look and layout of the levels, even allowing you to import pictures with the Playstation Eye. Want a boss at the end of everyone of your levels? sure just create him and go crazy! A recreation of Stage 1-1 of the original Super Mario Bros.? go right ahead. The best part is sharing your levels or downloading others creations from around the world, and them playing them cooperatively on the internet.