Reminder: Today is a huge day for platforming!

Just in case you have been living under a rock, here is what is being released today for platformer fans:

I myself am very much looking forward to de Blob, as according to the reviews it is shaping up to be one of the best Wii games out there. If you read just one review for de Blob, make sure it is the IGN one as it is actually very informative and well written. Wario Land is also getting some nice critical acclaim, and Kirby is a for sure buy for fans of the pink puff ball as many regard this entry in the series to be the very best one. To top it all off Mega Man 9 hits the Wii’s Virtual Console a bit earlier than its 360 and PS3 counterparts for 1,000 Wii points, I myself am waiting for the HD 360 version. Vectorman also makes it’s was onto the VC, experience one of the best technically impressive platformers the Genesis has to offer.


Mega Man 9: The Story

IGN has posted the story to Mega Man 9, thanks to Capcom passing it their way.

Before going at Wily’s ambition, we’d suggest checking out our new Mega Man 9 screens and artwork. The art includes sprites for the major characters. The screens are all from the Japanese introduction.

The story begins after Mega Man has restored peace to the world. One day, robots throughout the world go berserk and turn violent. Of course, everyone thinks this to be the work of Mega Man rival Dr. Wily… until Wily jacks into television and frames Mega Man creator Dr. Light! Soon, the police arrive and take Light to jail.

It’s up to Mega Man to restore Light’s honor.

“Rise in order to stop Wily’s Ambition,” finishes the opening for the Japanese version. In Japan, the game is known fully as “Rockman 9: Revival of Ambition.”

Mega Exciting!

Mega Exciting!

Are you feeling nostalgic, yet?

Attack of the Sprites!

Thanks to Xbox 360 Achievements, we now know what all nine bosses from the upcoming title Mega Man 9 will look like!

Although they’re all in greyscale, it’s better than nothing!

Nintendo Wii Fanboy has conveniently arranged them into a faux selection screen:

Are you scared, yet?

Are you scared, yet?

Check out My Gamer Card to see them in their original posting.

Mega Man 9 developer E3 walkthrough

Mega Man 9 might seem like a step backwards to some, but not the legion of fans out there that just cannot wait to get their hands on what they never though would have ever happened, an actual 8-bit Mega Man game in the style of the original 2 games. This video gives you a brief look at the story and gameplay, as well as reasons for Capcoms decision to go back to the series roots rather than give it a more flashy look. Also the title is now confirmed to be coming to WiiWare, PSN, as well as XBLA. Talk about a full treatment!

Mega Man 9 gets the downloadable treatment

According to the latest Nintendo Power magazine Mega Man 9 will be appearing on Nintendo Wii’s WiiWare service. The game is to maintain the traditional two-dimentional and retro graphics from the NES games (a step backwards from MM8, very unexpected!). Games of the future are moving faster and faster toward downloadable and doing away with retail packaging, when a series like Mega Man that has spawned the most games in a series (according to Guiness Records) makes a shift to Downloadable content, you know this is the future for gaming.

Capcom registers Mega Man 9 for multiplatform

Under the Office of Film and Literature Classification (the Australian ESRB) Capcom has registered the name ‘Mega Man 9’. Great news for fans of the classic series, as it is without an X, ZX, Battle Network, Kart Racing, Capcom has finaly decided to go back to its numeral roots. The last game in the “classic” series was Mega Man 8 (if you do not count remakes) on the PS1. While there is a good chance the game will make its way to XBLA or PSN, heres hoping we see a 2D (or atleast saide scrolling in some way) Mega Man game without any kinda twists like turning into werewolves.