Mirror’s Edge and Banjo Kazooie demos are now available


Before you mention it, yes I am a bit late on this news bit, however a certain LittleBigGame has taken all my free time away. Now available on XBLA and PSN is a demo for Mirror’s Edge, a first person platformer for the 360 and PS3. The demo gives you a tutorial level as well as the first stage from the game. From what I played it is just how I imagined it, a great new game that tries something new and succedes, it’s good to take risks!

Next Up this week is a demo for Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts on the XBLA. This demo is huge, you basicaly have the entire first world to play around it spanning multiple levels. From what I have played, it looks amazing and certainly feels like the classic Banjo we love, except with vehicles…alot of them. Infact I am still trying to decide if I like the vehicles yet and that is something I will likely have to decide come the games release this month.


Mirror’s Edge offers up a less-than-normal special edition

When you normaly think of special editions for games these days, what comes to mind? “Making of” bonus discs, art books, soundtracks, maybe a figurine, but never really messenger bags (unless you count the GTA4 duffle bag). EA is going to be offering a special edition bundled with the above messenger bag for $130, if you are bad at math it is really like paying an extra $70 for the bag itself. A bit much? maybe, unless you will actually make use of it than thats a different story. Either way, Mirror’s Edge still makes our list for one of the top 5 platformers to look forward to in 2008.

Mirror’s Edge gets some PS3 love in the form of DLC

Still debating what system you want Mirror’s Edge on? This might help:

“There was a misunderstanding in terms of the quote that Mirror’s Edge is to be a timed exclusive on PS3,”… The game is multi-platform, although PlayStation has an exclusive marketing agreement with EA regarding the title, and exclusive downloadable content will be offered on the PlayStation Network.”

So the PS3 will indeed be getting exclusive DLC which will not be available on the 360, but heres the question, will it even matter? Look at GTA4 for 360, it has been many months since it’s release and we have yet to see a piece of it’s 360 exclusive content. Unless EA has plans to get the PS3 content out there shortly after it’s release I doubt it will matter to most purchasers.

Source: /gamer

Mirror’s Edge, the amazing new First-Person action platformer

Mirror’s Edge is a game that is making many gamers look twice, not only for its amazing graphics, but for its imaginative new idea on gameplay. I will let the E3 Developer walkthrough video do most of the explaining, but the game basically boils down to you playing as the character “Faith” who is a runner who delivers packages across rooftops, think a carrier-pigeon only as a person. The main focus of the game is the extreme platforming elements that have you leaping across skyscrapers and city buildings in the most daring ways. The game will be available for the PS3 and 360 this fall. Check out the video and prepare to be amazed….platformer fans this is what we dream we can do ourselves in real life!