A New Level Mushrooms

IGN had a chance to play through another level of Mushroom Men at PAX 2008. Here’s their write-up:

Gamecock cooked up a new area in Mushroom Men to show off at the Penny Arcade Expo 2008. The sequence was the first time we got to see the Amanitas, the evil mushroom fellows. During our play session, we had to destroy the local Amanitas, go for a hot air balloon ride, travel up a tower, and fight a giant rat boss.

The level began in a room that resembled a bathroom, but there was a lot of steampunkish equipment attached to the walls. Of course, the Mushroom Men are tiny, so all of the game areas are man made environments that appear gigantic. Along with the Amanitas, we also saw new enemies like cockroaches and flies inhabiting the room. There was also new scav, such as opossum teeth.

The Amanitas wielded screws as clubs. Although they dwarfed our hero, they could be dismantled with two shakes of the remote.

Mushrooms prefer low light environments.

Once we took care of the requisite amount of bad guys, a mushroom called Il Capatino came to pick us up in a child’s inflatable tube, complete with a little hippo head. The game then switched to a 2D perspective as we scaled a spiraling tower. During these 2D sequences, the controls switch to digital, two-direction movement. The analog stick can be a little cumbersome at these times. As we made our way up the tower, certain areas of the floor would drop out from under us. Cap gliding allowed us to reach the top safely.

The rat boss awaited us atop the tower. He charges at our hero and whips with his tale. Luckily, there are acorns around. The Mushroom Man can use his psi-powers to lift the acorns and toss them at the rat.

Mushroom Men looks better each time we see it. Look for it later this year.


Mushroom Men Preview

Gaming news site IGN had a chance to preview the upcoming Wii platformer Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars.

We really like the moody atmosphere of Mushroom Men, and there aren’t enough adventure games on the Wii. If they can handle the waggle controls, players should be getting a pretty unique experience later this year.

Not everything they had to say was positive. To read the full preview click here. Or hit up their gallery for some new images.

Interview With Mushroom Men Developer

NGamer UK sat down with Dan Borth of Red Fly Studio to discuss the creation of Mushroom Men, an upcoming Wii-exclusive platformer.

We saw a mini puzzle in the DS game and an egg leaping ‘retro’ platforming section in the Wii game – will minigames like these be sprinkled throughout both games liberally?

Yes. Literally liberally. In the Wii version we’re trying to harken back to our roots, make reference to games that we enjoyed and still enjoy, pay homage to well-done gameplay. I could go on. They’re interesting changes in the gameplay that allow you to progress in a unique way.

See the interview here: Mushroom Men Developer Interview

Wage war in ‘Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars”

Here is a further look into this often eerie game for Wii. ‘Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars’ is a gritty look into the real world from a 3 inch high perspective of little mushroom men. The story is about a war between the edible mushrooms and the poisonous mushrooms and the main character is one of the edible mushrooms who is trying to learn his place in his society and world.

The game is a 3D action platformer hybrid with a big emphasis on exploration as well as combat. Combat brings in the element of being able to create your own weapons as well using things from the human world to piece together all types of unique weapons. You will also see the mushroom men living in things such as a can with playing cards used as window shutters and awnings. The main character has a grappling hook type of weapon which allows him to ascend high heights, and then can also use his large head as a parachute of sorts for long falls.

There is also a DS Mushroom Men game in development which is set up like a prequel, though the developers say they do not want to make it so that you have to play both to enjoy the story but rewarding enough for people who do play both. It plays out as a 2D side scroller in a 3D environment (think New Super Mario Bros.).

So far I think this game is REALLY shaping up well in terms of art style and concept. It really is creepy which is very evident from browsing around the main website.  Hopefully the gameplay turns out just as good as the visuals, as long as it does not use any unnecessary Wii waggling it should be fine. Expect Mushroom men on the Wii and DS in the fall of 2008 and be sure to check in for future updates on this title.

For a video of the DS Trailer hit the jump! Continue reading

Mushroom Men, new 2D platformer for Wii, DS

It has happened, a platformer that actually lets you play as mushrooms. It has a great artistic style as you can see in its artwork, and graphically it looks really great with a very dark and moody atmosphere. You are able to pick from 3 different classes such as heavy, sage, and scout, as well as combine items to make new weapons (which seems similar to the way you made tools in Lost in Blue). There will actually be a DS version (Rise of the Fungi) as well as a Wii version (The Spore Wars) which will be different games (not ports!). This is great news for a possible new platforming franchise. Look for these games later this year.