Cid the Boxart

If you’re like me, your most anticipated platformer of the year is Cid the Dummy. Wait, never heard of it? Are you kidding me? Don’t worry, most people haven’t.

Cid the Dummy is a forthcoming Wii, PSP, PS2,DS, and PC 3D side-scrolling platformer. Developer Twelve Interactive has this to say:

CID THE DUMMY is a platform game that grabs you straight away with its amusing blend of action and puzzle-filled gameplay. Based around the multiple opportunities for a Crash Impact Dummy to get into mischief, the game blends classic platform elements such as timed jumps, collecting pick-ups, defeating enemies, and challenging boss battles with more cerebral elements such as puzzles, clever weapon use and route finding.

• Interact as only a crash dummy can. Climb walls, swing on ropes, burn obstacles, destroy exploding barrels, use lifters, bounce on springs and with a neat head butt destroy walls all in stunningly realized environments. Game environment interaction is the most important part of the gameplay.
• CID’s world is swarming with a host of fearfully fun enemies like the Dumper, Cursed Dummy and the bizarre Failed Experiment.
• Apart from fighting enemies, the player will enjoy solving puzzles, avoiding traps and using acrobatic skills to get out of dangerous situations!

But between its website having been only a static image for months now, and the developer’s claiming it was a Q1 release this year but it was a no show, the whole three people who knew about the game  were ready to call it vaporware.

Hold the phone! Just when you thought Cid had crashed for good, Twelve Interactive released the box art today, letting us know that Cid is still kicking.

Crash Dummies Never Looked So Good

Crash Dummies Never Looked So Good

With just the multiplatform Martial Arts: Capoeira Fighters and Wii-exclusive Party Crashers under developer Take Twelve’s belt, many have now switched from proclaiming this as vaporware to saying it’s shovelware. What do you think? Could this be a surprisingly decent platformer or is it trash?


Unreleased Vectorman (PS2) Screenshots

Anyone remember Vectorman on the Genesis? sure you do because its one of the systems best platformers which got a sequel and then basically died off until a couple of years ago when it was announced that a third game in the series would be coming to PS2… and then it was cancelled an probably for the right reasons judging from these screenshots courtesy of GamerHistory. It seems they were heading in the same direction that bomberman strayed on (Act Zero anyone?) but was thankfully restored to his classic self. To view the rest of them click here.