PixelJunk Eden demo coming tomorrow to PSN

Playstation 3 owners have something to look forward to tomorrow as a demo of PixelJunk Eden will be hitting the PSN with a demo before the games official July 31st release (no price point yet).  Players control a “grimp” which jumps high and sticks to surfaces, also sporting a tether to grapple to objects. The point of the game is to collect spectra scattered throughout the games 10 levels. Once a level is completed a new plant will grow in your garden allowing you to advance to the next stage, your garden is a visual representation of the main screen. The game takes on a imple yet beautiful art direction that really makes it feel unique. The best part is the game allows for co-op play with a friend, so get your jumping skills ready!


Pandemonium coming for PSN

While no official announcement was made on a date, the ESRB gave a rating for the game Pandemonium for the Playstation Network, which usually seals the deal in terms of a title coming out for it.

Pandemonium is a 2.5D platformer (think Klonoa on PS1/PS2 or Tomba) where the game is on rails but the camera and environments are in a 3D so it appears that you are actually moving in a 3D environment when you are really just playing it in 2D. A cool fact about this game is that it is actually available on the Nokia N-Gage as well. If you are not into downloads and want to actually own this game, it can easily be bought for between $2-$5.