Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty is rated by the ESRB

While this might not be the biggest suprise to some since the same name was once found in a leaked list of PSN titles, it has not showed up on the ESRB website as a game title. The question now, will this be an add-on expansion pack to the already amazing Tools of Destruction, or a whole new retail game? We will find out at E3 but in my opinion this could really go either way.


EGM cooks up some tastey rumors in this months “Rumor Mill”

The gaming magazine EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) has a column every month called “Rumor Mill” where much speculation goes on as to what might be happening out there in the gaming world. Most of it eventually turns out to be true and sometimes it ends up being just a rumor that never comes to life. This month however there are two great rumors for us platformer fans out there (quoted from EGM):

“Flushing the Plumber

Disney’s serious about dominating the game industry. How serious? Glad you asked. Last year, the megacompany bought game-design maverick Warren Spector’s (Deus Ex) Junction Point Studios asked him to whip up a truly magical game. My mousy mole tells me Disney tasked Mr. Spector with the ambitious goal of creating a platform-style Mario-killer starring Mickey Mouse. Uh, seems like Disney has been bingeing on too many of Mario’s magic mushrooms

“New Turn for Ratchet

Last year’s Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction sure was a pretty platformer. It wasn’t just cartoon-quality looks, though–we really dug the fast-paced, hop-and-pop action. So much so that the cliffhanger ending left us moaning for more. Luckily, we might get more sooner rather than later– my Sony spy tells me developer Insomniac is building a downloadable expansion sequel to Tools of Destruction set to be released this fall.”

Guess we will find out if these rumors hold up. While I would preffer a true sequel to Ratchet on an actual disc, any new content for the game is great news either way. A new mickey platformer? that is excellent news for anyone that remember games such as Mickey Mania (shown above) or Castle of Illusion (even Fantasia). Mickey has had an excellent reputation in the past for platformer games, so heres hoping his long overdue debut into the genre is a good one! if the rumor is true of course, lets hope.