First video of a full level of Sonic Unleashed

Here is the first video of a full level of Sonic Unleashed that has ever been seen on the Internet so far. Sure people are walking in front of the camera (and standing there as well), but it gives us a very good idea of how the game will play out. The results? you decide but in my opinion these “speed” levels look great, most closely resembling a 3D interpretation on the DS Sonic Rush series, the entire levels looks like a non-stop rollercoaster ride.


ScrewAttack’s Top 5 and Worst 5 Sonic games

Yes this is a few months old, but like myself I am sure there are people out there that have never seen this before. ScrewAttack’s videos are often pretty funny and enjoyable so I hope some of you enjoy the video. Do you agree or disagree with any of the placements? for one I totally disagree with the #1 worst Sonic game, to avoid spoilers of the list stop reading here.

Sonic R was ranked their #1 worst Sonic game of all time but I must disagree, infact the worst Sonic ever did not even make the list, Sonic Jam for which was virtually unplayable. Sonic R to me was an enjoyable racer believe it or not and call me crazy but as weird as the soundtrack was… I enjoyed the soundtrack. Also for my top Sonic game list Sonic 2 would have made that list somewhere. What are your opinions?

Werewolf Sonic confirmed in new teaser trailer for Sonic Unleashed

For those that were skeptical on a Werewolf Sonic even existing (there was only one screen of it after all) Sega has just confirmed it by releasing this new trailer which shows Sonic tossing around a ring and then slapping it back down with a “werewolf” type arm after a transformation (which goes along with Sonic’s strange grunt). This is definitely going to be an element of the new type of “combat fighting” that the SonicTeam said would be included in the game, what still remains a mystery is exactly how this fits into the storyline or how it will fit into the gameplay.

‘Sonic Unleashed’ is officially confirmed by Sega with new ‘DEBUT TRAILER’!

Sega finally announced Sonic Unleashed from Team Sonic. The game will be released on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 2 and Wii late this year. Seems like Sega is going for the multi-platform approach instead of Wii exclusivity like with ‘Secret Rings’ (which was a good game in my opinion). Sonic Unleashed is built on a powerful new “Hedgehog Engine”, which introduces seamless 3D to classic 2D camera transitions (awsome), whilst delivering a rich and expansive world with multiple paths to choose from. Under development for three years, the Hedgehog Engine produces a visually rich next generation look and feel with elements of classic Sonic gameplay mechanics. The Hedgehog engine will help re-define the gameplay experience for Sonic fans and newcomers to the franchise alike. So it sounds like Sega is getting their act together and finaly taking Sonic back to his side scrolling roots on home consoles. “By combining rich and vibrant scenery with dynamic viewpoints Sonic Unleashed will provide an immersive 3D experience whilst keeping alive the 2D gameplay elements and fantastic worlds that Sonic fans know and love” commented Gary Knight, European Marketing Director for SEGA Europe. “In addition to this classic Sonic gaming experience, when darkness sets in Sonic Unleashed players will be able to experience a completely new way to play as Sonic… making this his most exciting adventure yet!”. So it seems like the werewolf rumors are almost certainly true, hopefuly it’s a step in the right direction.

Having been broken apart by the evil Dr Eggman, it’s down to Sonic to put the pieces of the world back together again by retrieving the power of the chaos emeralds (sounds like classic Sonic to me!). In doing so, Sonic will find himself in a race against time and faced with an unusual situation that will challenge him in ways never before seen. By completing a wide variety of action-packed stages, spanning the seven broken continents of the world, gamers will need to unleash Sonic’s amazing abilities to save the world, and himself!

The opportunity to engage in Sonic in different ways during the day and night time levels brings a completely original way of playing to the Sonic franchise, in addition to running at high speeds in classic Sonic style, combat fighting will become possible(oh boy, watch them pull off some ‘Sonic Fighters’ type action…). Super quick Sonic’s speed skills will be highlighted by four new modes, whilst the all new combat, movement and functional abilities will offer depth and variety to the game. As the sun sets in Sonic Unleashed, a different type of adventure will awaken in Sonic’s newest quest.

So it definitly sounds like Sonic Unleashed is shaping up to be one of the best Sonic Games ever, lets just hope these new “combat fighting” and “day/night” elements dont ruin the classic gameplay we have grown to love. As always expect more updates on this title as it develops, in the mean time make sure you watch the official ‘debut trailer’ up top.