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For those excited about upcoming platformer SPRay, there’s loads of new information and images for you!

From IGN:

This fall Tecmo will deliver an action platformer to the Wii that should be of interest to fans of Zelda-type adventures. SPRay stars a young prince who must use various liquids to solve puzzles and maneuver through a fantasy game world. We recently got our hands wet with the game here in the IGN office.

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See some new screens and concept arts here.

And check out some videos of the platforming segments here.

But IGN aren’t the only ones with news on the game. GameInformer has a preview for us, as well.

SPRay is one of those games that makes the little girl in me giggle – no matter how hard I might try to hold it in. A game built entirely around the concept of platforming through an environment with an arsenal of liquids will do that. There is something undeniably funny about coating an entire map in vomit.  Intrigued? Read on to find out more.

Read that whole preview here.

The game hits shelves October 28th. Will you be checking it out?

SPRay's Environments Look Diverse & Unique

SPRay's Environments Look Diverse & Unique


SPRay’s Going To Make You Throw Chunks

Gaming site Kotaku has brought to light some new details about the upcoming Wii title SPRay which promises to play like a Super Mario Sunshine and Zelda love child.

Tecmo’s SPRay — oddly capped that way due to the game’s protagonist, known as Spirited Prince Ray — may serve as an adequate substitute for Wii gamers waiting for Nintendo’s Mario and Zelda teams to wrap up their next projects. SPRay is not unlike a Zelda-style adventure and comparisons to Mario Sunshine will likely be inevitable, as the game features a liquid spraying mechanic that’s not too dissimilar from that GameCube non-classic.

Ray, here to save the world from an evil something or other that’s covering his kingdom with a black goo, has a pair of familiars that will help him in his fight against, you know, evil. One, a portly bat-winged devil sprays a cleansing orange slime and a sticky green goo. The other, an angelic wisp, sprays water and ice that puts out fires and lays down ice tracks.

The combination of all these things is what gives SPRay its uniqueness.

As you can probably suspect, SPRay takes advantage of the Wii’s remote for directing Ray’s flow of slop. He’ll need to lay down the sticky green stuff to stick to walls (or have other objects stick to walls), stuff that’s in a more limited supply. As Ray and his liquidy partners level up, the player will have access to more abilities, giving it a Zelda-like adventure feel.

Like that series’ star, Link, Ray also has a sword. He’ll use it in concert with the liquid attacks to take out foes, something that should add variety to battling hordes of enemies.

The game looks to have epic boss battles that take advantage of your progressive abilities, something that will surely further comparisons between SPRay and The Legend of Zelda. While the visual design on some of these creatures may not hold up as well to what Nintendo’s team has been capable of, we were surprised at how good some of them looked in motion.

The game is due out by the holidays.

What do you think? Is this one a dud or could it ultimately be some sort of cult classic or sleeper hit? Sound off in our comments section!

SPRay Coming Your Way

Developer Eko software is working on a new Wii title that is supposedly influenced by arguably one of the GameCube’s best platformers: Super Mario Sunshine but takes place in a Zelda-inspired world.

Developed by Eko Software and published by Tecmo, SPRay sees Players controlling a spirited Prince named Ray with the power to use liquids to alter the gaming world. SPRay must save his village from an evil Queen who has returned from being banished to capture and enslave the local villagers.”“After Ray dons a magical crown which summons two liquid spraying spirits, he must defeat the Queen and her minions – known as anti-matter soldiers. Players will use the “angelic” and “wicked” spirits to spray elements such as water, oil and goo on both enemies and surfaces to solve puzzles and defeat the evil Queen.

The games world involves platforming puzzles including the player spraying sticky goop to move boxes around to make platforms.

IGN explains the spraying aspect even further:

It gets its title from its primary game mechanic of spraying different fluids all over the game world. These fluids include water, anti-matter, and, uh, vomit. Yep, vomit. You play as a member of royalty whose crown contains two spirits: one dark, one light. The dark spirit is the one who can’t keep his lunch down. You and your spirits will spray stuff on things in order to solve puzzles. Water will obviously extinguish fire. Vomit? Oh, it can reveal invisible paths. If you happen upon a gorge, just throw up into it and see if there’s a hidden walkway. The elements you spray are persistent, so if you barfed all over a wall your bile will still be there when you pass by again.

See the official trailer and walkthrough from E3 below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This game will be exclusively on Wii and comes out December 30th.