Review – Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

Developer/publisher: Nintendo
Year: 2007
Fun fact: Mario’s 3rd 3D platformer

It’s hard for me to hide my admiration of the Super Mario series.  It seems to be the standard to which I hold all other platformers.  When a new installment occasionally makes it onto the shelves, I usually experience strokes, heart attacks, fainting spells, etc.  Unfortunately, when Galaxy was released, I was Wii-less and was forced to pretend it didn’t exist for several months.  Now that I’ve been able to wrap my trembling, grubby hands around, does it live up to my hopes, dreams and expectations?! Continue reading


Awesome Super Mario Bros. crochet blanket

Probably the coolest thing you will see all day. This here is a handmade crochet throw blanket by crafter Tracy Thomasson in which it took him 71 days to piece this beauty together. The detail is great on this thing, and if you check out his flickr page you can see how it all came together starting from a simple background design and then the layering of all the different characters, outlines, and details. I’m sure the hardwork payed off, I would simply love to have something like this hanging in my room. Too bad these type of things can’t be mass produced, Nintendo are you listening?