de Blob “would have Miyamoto bowing in respect” with it’s first perfect review.

The September issue of Australia’s Ultimate Nintendo magazine features the “world’s first review” of THQ’s upcoming Wii platformer de Blob. The game scored a perfect 10/10 score, with this pretty lofty quote: “would have Mr. Miyamoto bowing in awed respect.”

IGN posted a detailed hands-on preview of the game’s first six worlds and overall they also seem to really enjoy what de Blob has going for it as well:

“Now that we’ve bested all six worlds, we think Wii fans have an innovative platforming winner.

“You control a gelatinous ball able to spray a monochromatic world with different colors of paint. It’s a quirky game that reminds us of titles like Katamari Damacy, except that developer Blue Tongue has infused the experience with untypical polish, a fact that distinguishes the project as something that seems to take advantage of the Wii hardware and not just its controller.

“This sparkling attention to detail is present from the moment the game boots, as the gorgeous interface is preceded by a crisp pre-rendered cinematic that shows the invasion of Chroma City by the INKT Corporation, led by Comrade Black and his minion of INKY soldiers. Too often we see muddy, artifact-laced cut-scenes on Wii — a sign that developers couldn’t even be bothered to correctly compress a movie for the platform. Not so here, as all of the dozen or so cinematics we’ve seen so far not only look good, but feature excellent choreography and great comedy.”

de Blob is scheduled for a Sept. 22 release in North America.

Source: Infendo


Gamespot & IGN get their hands dirty with ‘de Blob’ hands-on

Gamespot and IGN recently got a hands-on with the upcoming platformer for Wii ‘de Blob’ in which you bring color back to your monochrome city by painting it with none other than your very own character called ‘Blob’. They got to spend some time playing 4 different levels that the game has to offer. Here is a quote from the Gamespot article:

 De Blob is a game that should give players a lot to do. And while a lot of games can tout that ability, de Blob does it with such vibrant style that it instantly becomes a game every Wii owner should have on their radar.

de Blob is set to release on September 22nd in the US. To read the Gamespot article click here. To read the IGN article click here.

Things go bump in the night with ‘Deadly Creatures’ for the Wii

Deadly Creatures is an action-adventure platformer with a heavy emphasis on atmospheric level design and action. It barely cuts it in terms of platformers, however this is a title you might not want to look past. Created by Rainbow-Studios exclusively for the Wii. You play as a tarantula and scorpion as you fight your way around underground passages, deserts, and man made places such as bathrooms.

What the game has got going for it is obviously its dark, creepy, and very atmospheric levels. From watching the above video (comprised of 7 different videos in one) you can definitly see what I mean. You can hear the buzz of hornets, the dripping of water and the screams of other insects as you travel around an undergound path as you see a lizard caught in a spiders web as it gets prepared for a meal.  The controls with the scorpion are handled by using the joystick on the nuncheck to move him around while the Z and B buttons will execute standard pincer attacks (which are also the source of combos). Holding the C button will shield yourself, locking on is done with the A button which then allows you to strafe left and right.  There is a circle which will change color over time and is above each enemy to represent their life, when it turns to red you can execute a finishing move similar to the Wii title ‘No More Heroes’ in which it has you inputing different combinations of movements with the Wii remote and nunchuck to pull off different finishing moves which in turn reward you with alot of insect guts.

 For the tarantula levels an emphasis is put on stealth as opposed to the action segments of the scorpion levels. There is much more of a free roaming aspect as you gain the ability to climb walls, shoot webs to cling to ceilings, crawl around on them and then drop onto an unsuspecting enemy, as well as execute one hit kill attacks from behind. Eventhough no footage of the tarantula levels are available yet, it already seems like they will be even more fun than the scorpion levels. Thanks to THQ we will be getting another unique game exclusively for the Wii (as well as ‘de Blob’), I will be sure to do an update once there is footage available of the tarantula in action.