A Second, More Informative Hatsworth Preview

Henry Hatsworth In The Puzzling Adventure keeps getting more and more love. This time by MTV Multiplayer where previewer Patrick Klepek gushes:

…it’s one of the most creative uses of the DS hardware that I’ve seen. …  May Be My Most Anticipated DS Game Ever… I want more nooooooow. …

Yowzas! We also now understand how the puzzles on the bootm screen are related to the traditional platforming on top.

Essentially, when you defeat an enemy up top, it becomes part of the puzzle below. You must clear them off the grid before they reach the top again, or else they re-enter the platforming section.


Read the whole preview here.

Jolly Good Fun!

Jolly Good Fun!


Hatsworth Worth It?

Joystiq had the opportunity to test out Henry Hatsworth, an upcoming platformer/puzzler hybrid for the Nintendo DS.

Hatsworth has a lot going on. While we think the puzzle-platform combination could excel, much of the game will rely on its developers tuning difficulty and challenge. At times, the puzzle and the platforming felt easy, but that might have been because we started on an early level. And with so much to keep track of at once, we could see how the game could become frustrating and confusing.

EA and its Tiburon designers have tapped into a lot of potential we hope Hatsworth can achieve.

Read the full preview by clicking here.

That's Hat!

That's Hat

Hello Henry Hatsworth

A platformer/puzzle hybrid

Earlier we reported on a game by developer Tiburon about a safari-outfit wearing chap on some quirky platforming/puzzler adventure. The game was announced for the DS but not named or dated. Now both of those pieces of information have been made available for hungry platformer fans.

The name of the game has been revealed to be Henry Hatsworth.

Robert Nashak, vice president of EA’s Casual Studios, had this to say:

We are excited to bring an indie-inspired new intellectual property to the EA Casual Entertainment Label with Henry Hatsworth that fuses together two styles of gameplay utilizing the two Nintendo DS screens like never before.

The innovative elements of the game have the potential to appeal to both Nintendo enthusiasts and more casual Nintendo DS players.

The game’s execuitve producer, Scott Walker, added:

Henry Hatsworth is an incredibly unique game. It’s a deep, challenging, and humorous game that you won’t want to put down.

The game will offer thirty levels spanning five worlds, with an additional twelve secret levels to seek out. The level on the top screen is different than the one on the bottom, and what you are doing in one will affect the other.

Henry Hatsworth will be available Q1 2009.