Review – Wario Land Shake It! (Wii)

Developer: Good Feel
Publisher: Nintendo
Year: 2008
Fun Fact: the 8th platformer/action game starring Wario (or 10th if you count Super Mario 64 DS and Yoshi’s Island DS).

Sometimes people grow up with a video game franchise and they defend it no matter how crappy the series becomes. Other people grow up with a series and overreact to any slip in quality. When it comes to the Wario Land series, I might fall into the latter group. I just could not get into Wario Land Shake It!. Unlike the wretched Wario: Master of Disguise, there aren’t any glaring mistakes but the level design can certainly be described as uninspired. Many of the situations and layouts reminded me of other games. For whatever reason, the original Yoshi’s Island often sprung to mind but always in a negative contrast sort of way. Continue reading


Wario Land: Shake It! Japanese Site Opens

For those of you eagerly awaiting news about Wario Land: Shake It!, the arrival of Japan’s site for the game may sate your thirst.

Japanese Wario Land: Shake It! Site

The first button leads to an introduction to the game. Clicking down on the purple ‘next’ button guides you threw the button configurations and ends at a gameplay video.

The second button leads to some of the game’s anime prologue. There’s a video here, too.

The third button shows us some of the main characters: Wario, Captain Syrup, A Melful, Queen Melful, and the Shay King.

There are more buttons but they remain unaccessible as of now.

The game seems to be shaping up to be great!

Wario Is Shaking It!

Wario Is Shaking It!

Wario Land Headed For Wii?

Wario\'s Big Return to Platforming?

The Wario Land series enjoyed four classic platforming titles on the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. Wario has since become better known for his quirky party games in the Wario Ware franchise. It looks as if a return to form may be in order.

Nintendo of Japan updated its upcoming releases list and is now listing Wario Land Shake as a Wii title releasing July 24th in Japan.

There are no further details on the game at this time.