The epic Sonic Unleashed E3 Trailer, includes Werewolf-Sonic gameplay!

This epic 2:24 trailer from E3 for the upcoming Sonic Unleashed game has Sonic fans drooling! Not only does it look amazing, but it also shows off the long awaited footage of Sonic in werewolf form that we have so eagerly anitcipated. Watch for yourself and you be the judge, but as he imagined it slows down out blue friend alot as opposed to his ‘speed of light’ gameplay which is shown. Overall it looks to be possibly the best looking and playing Sonic game offered up since the 16-bit generation.


UK’s Nintendo Power Sonic Unleashed preview is scanned for your eyes

In the latest edition of the UK Nintendo Power Magazine they included a massive 8-page preview of Sonic Unleshed (for the Wii version obviously). They talk about gameplay, provide screenshots, and have an interview with the games lead designer, Yoshihisa Hashimoto. Probably the most interesting of all is the discussion about “Were-Sonic” as the magazine calls him, as some details are discussed about how¬†he will effect the gameplay. For a link to all 8 pages from the article, French Wii website Wiiz has all the pages scanned in high resolution for you to enjoy.