We hoot over Owlboy, a new 2D platformer for Xbox 360 and PC

Owlyboy is a 2D platformer for the Xbox 360 and Windows PCs being created by D-Pad Studios. Here is the brief story of the game”

Go with Otus on a free flying quest into the clouds and discover the secrets of the floating islands while preserving the Owls’ integrity…

More 2D platforming? We sure are excited! It’s being entered into the IGF, so heres hoping it gets more exposure and can stand out from the crows of all the other downloadable games out there. Hit the break for some images. Continue reading


Mirror’s Edge gets some PS3 love in the form of DLC

Still debating what system you want Mirror’s Edge on? This might help:

“There was a misunderstanding in terms of the quote that Mirror’s Edge is to be a timed exclusive on PS3,”… The game is multi-platform, although PlayStation has an exclusive marketing agreement with EA regarding the title, and exclusive downloadable content will be offered on the PlayStation Network.”

So the PS3 will indeed be getting exclusive DLC which will not be available on the 360, but heres the question, will it even matter? Look at GTA4 for 360, it has been many months since it’s release and we have yet to see a piece of it’s 360 exclusive content. Unless EA has plans to get the PS3 content out there shortly after it’s release I doubt it will matter to most purchasers.

Source: /gamer

Get The Limited Edition of Prince of Persia

A lot of pre-order bonuses are just junk that’s nice to have for all of about five minutes. Not so for Prince of Persia! Pre-ordering the game automatically upgrades you to the limited edition copy for FREE, something that usually costs extra money.

Here’s what’s included in the limited edition:

*Limited Edition package
*A look at the making of PoP
*Prima mini-strategy guide
*Digital art book
*The Soundtrack composed by Inon Zur (Fallout 3, Crysis)

The game is due this holiday.

Attack of the Sprites!

Thanks to Xbox 360 Achievements, we now know what all nine bosses from the upcoming title Mega Man 9 will look like!

Although they’re all in greyscale, it’s better than nothing!

Nintendo Wii Fanboy has conveniently arranged them into a faux selection screen:

Are you scared, yet?

Are you scared, yet?

Check out My Gamer Card to see them in their original posting.

Review – Prince of Persia Classic (Xbox 360)

Developer: Gameloft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Year: 2007
Fun fact: available as a download through Xbox Live Arcade

I have an admission: I have not played the original Prince of Persia, at least not past the first couple of levels.  I just couldn’t get past those awkward controls and unforgiving animations.  It frustrated me to no end that the Prince can’t jump in the middle of a diving roll, even though a person wouldn’t be able to in real life.  Everything seemed too exact, too picky.  Enter Prince of Persia Classic, an Xbox Live Arcade release that’s 75% oldschool and 25% new – a potential bridge title for clueless gamers like me.

Classic is based closely on the original game.  The levels designs and objectives are all the same.  There is a slight difference in the controls with some slight tweaking to make them more forgivng and a couple of minor new moves thrown in.  The graphics have been given a complete overhaul with all of the main characters – the Prince, the Princess, and Jaffar – using the character designs from the 2003 release, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, the only other Prince game that I happen to have played through.  These minor changes have a major effect.  As someone that really enjoyed Sands I felt pulled in by the familiar elements.

In spite of the changes, this is still a game that requires patience in the form of re-attempting certain sections many times over.  Just as in the orinal, you’re dealing with a 1 hour total time limit.  Don’t worry, though, after a couple of levels you’re allowed to save your progress.  In the end I had way more time than I needed, so I’d say you shouldn’t sweat the time limit.  Even if you have a terrible time on a particular level, the game allows you to revisit each level to improve your time and score. 

You may surprise yourself by beating some levels, even later ones, on your first or 2nd try.  That’s one of the strenghts of this game – there isn’t an artifical accelerating difficulty curve.  Rather, each new level is a mystery sometimes requiring exploration and logical thought and sometimes requiring a quick brawl.  There are many one-time events and surprises, very impressive for a game desgned in 1989. 

I’m not terribly experienced with Xbox 360 at th moment but so far this is the most enjoyable game I’ve played for the system (sorry, Gears of War).  Perhaps the most impressive achievement of Prince of Persia Classic is that I now have a strong desire to play through the original Prince of Persia, a game I thought I hated.

Grade: A
Personal conclusion: well worth $10 to download

When One Hero Kills Another…Presenting the Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts trailer!

There you have it, folks! The first teaser for Banjo Kazooie 3 (Or Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts). It seems as if the game will nearly entirely revolve around vehicles – building them and using them. The style looks as good in motion as it did in the leaked screens. However, Nintendo fans are up in arms over the fact Banjo blows Mario’s head off at the end of the teaser. Rare once developed for Nintendo until Nintendo sold them off. This seems like a grudging slap in the face. Nonetheless, the game is what’s important. It’s a bit of a 180 from where the series was at previously but it’s probably too soon to jump to conclusions.

However, one can only wonder what happened to the Banjo-of-old style we saw two years ago in this trailer:

Rare’s creative changes or Microsoft’s infiltration in order to have a 360 game that would rival Ratchet & Clank? Time will tell…for another video of more gameplay (with some actual platforming elements) keep reading after the jump!

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