We hoot over Owlboy, a new 2D platformer for Xbox 360 and PC

Owlyboy is a 2D platformer for the Xbox 360 and Windows PCs being created by D-Pad Studios. Here is the brief story of the game”

Go with Otus on a free flying quest into the clouds and discover the secrets of the floating islands while preserving the Owls’ integrity…

More 2D platforming? We sure are excited! It’s being entered into the IGF, so heres hoping it gets more exposure and can stand out from the crows of all the other downloadable games out there. Hit the break for some images. Continue reading


Mirror’s Edge gets some PS3 love in the form of DLC

Still debating what system you want Mirror’s Edge on? This might help:

“There was a misunderstanding in terms of the quote that Mirror’s Edge is to be a timed exclusive on PS3,”… The game is multi-platform, although PlayStation has an exclusive marketing agreement with EA regarding the title, and exclusive downloadable content will be offered on the PlayStation Network.”

So the PS3 will indeed be getting exclusive DLC which will not be available on the 360, but heres the question, will it even matter? Look at GTA4 for 360, it has been many months since it’s release and we have yet to see a piece of it’s 360 exclusive content. Unless EA has plans to get the PS3 content out there shortly after it’s release I doubt it will matter to most purchasers.

Source: /gamer

Get The Limited Edition of Prince of Persia

A lot of pre-order bonuses are just junk that’s nice to have for all of about five minutes. Not so for Prince of Persia! Pre-ordering the game automatically upgrades you to the limited edition copy for FREE, something that usually costs extra money.

Here’s what’s included in the limited edition:

*Limited Edition package
*A look at the making of PoP
*Prima mini-strategy guide
*Digital art book
*The Soundtrack composed by Inon Zur (Fallout 3, Crysis)

The game is due this holiday.

Right Down To The KORE

At long last, Snap Dragon Games has given us some updates on KORE, their action platformer coming to Wii. The once-in-line for Xbox title has been rebuilt for Wii and will feature the following:

  • 6 graphically distinct worlds
  • Dozens of different enemies and challenging boss fights
  • 3 unlockable minigames
  • Hollywood quality in-game movies and voice acting
  • Innovative gameplay “Designed for Wii”
  • Hilarious story and characters
  • Unique art style
  • Highly original and imaginative

Here is the first video of the game in motion:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Click here and here for more videos.

Check out a gallery here.

KORE may be a port, but it looks pretty.

KORE may be a port, but it looks pretty.

KORE Returns!

You probably never heard of The Kore Gang for the XBox, but it was a quirky platformer that got put on a long hiatus. Developed in Sweden by ZOINK, the game was originally put on hold when the publisher went out of business. It’s making a return now for the Wii, retitled as KORE.

It’s been six years so everything could have changed by now, but the original information provided said:

  • First game ever with “personality views”, for example “Smell View” with Rex the dog.
  • A new universe of gigantic environments and hilarious creatures with a unique visual style.
  • Real interactive music and sound. Some enemy characters have their own theme songs. Learn them and you will defeat them more easily.
  • Switch between four characters during gameplay.
  • Destructable environment objects.

And the story was as follows:

With three zany, kooky crackpots sharing a Kore Suit, insane action is guaranteed. After all, you control the metallic suit that multiplies the wearer’s abilities beyond imagination. Pixie becomes a pro at climbing, Madboy gains an iron fist, and the dog Rex develops astonishing senses of hearing and smell. Your job is to cleverly utilize these characters to free the mad inventor Dr. Samuelsen from the crazy Kranks. Become the leader of a wonderfully wacked-out team three times more demented, three times weirder, and three times stronger than one hero alone!

You can see some of the original screens at Team Xbox

As of now those images are all we have to go off of. There hasn’t been any announcement of what significant changes to the game’s original story or design may be.

They are hinted at in an article by GoNintendo.